Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Admit or not, we’re all guilty of watching and secretly loving these worst rated Malayalam movies according to IMDB. They’re so bad that they’re fun to watch. We’re listing them down so that you know what not to watch the next time these movies come up on-screen.

Thanthonni (2010)


Vadakkanveettil Kochu Kunju, a name that’s been etched in our memories since this movie was released. Thanthonni is a family drama that revolves around Kunju and his antics. His joint family lives a life that is lavish and pricey, but Kunju prefers his alcohol and chill life. The twist in his life makes the movie a dramatic watch.

Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Sundara Purushan (2001)

IMDB: 4.4

A very, very complicated love story to say the least. Sundara Purushan is about a man who marries a woman, undergoing psychiatric treatment, despite being married himself. His life soon turns complicated when a lot of hidden secrets gets spilt. It’s an emotional movie if you drink an appropriate amount of beer before watching it.

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Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Kammath & Kammath (2013)

IMDB: 3.7

Mammootty, enthina, Mammootty? If Kammath & Kammath doesn’t ring a bell, their variety dosa song will. It’s a fun viewing experience when you’re in the mood to watch something aimlessly. You know the movie is dumb, but watch it when you have no pannis in life.

Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Bhargavacharitham Moonnam Khandam (2006)

IMDB: 3.1

Dear Mammootty, why did you do this to us again? We still love you, though. Bhargavan, played by Mammooty, is a dangerous villain who gets anxious before he commits a crime. The irony, right? He seeks help from a psychiatrist. Yup, that’s what the movie is about. Are you sold yet?

Cobra (2012)

IMDB: 2.7

Yet another Mammootty movie alongside Lal, Cobra is a black comedy about two rich brothers. The movie is not well-made, and the scriptwriting is downright nonsensical. We personally think Appupan and the Boys should do a review on this movie. Anant would do a better job narrating the movie in his style than you watching it. LOL. It’s definitely one of the worst rated Malayalam movies you’ll ever watch.

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Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Moz & Cat (2009)

IMDB: 2.6

The film follows two orphans trying to make a living in the least conning manner. Their life changes when they meet a rich woman, Nandhana. Moz & Cat sure does have some amusing moments, but the drama gets overdone after a point. You end up snoozing. The movie will leave you with one of the two emotions: You’ll crack at the sight of lame jokes or you’ll end up throwing your smartphone onto the screen.

Angel John (2009)

IMDB: 2.6

A lazy’s boy life is turned around by an angel. Brownie points for guessing who the angel is. Anyone who’s watched the movie will tell you that it’s fun if you’re stoned. On a far more serious note, Mohanlal can’t get cringier than this. No offence.

Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Kilukkam Kilukilukkam (2006)

IMDB: 2.4

Kilukkam Kilukilukkam is ridiculously a fun roller coaster ride when watched on a boring day. It’s about three young men playing the knight in shining armour to save a girl’s life. Some would call this movie thrilling. We, however, would call it plain bad.

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Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Love in Singapore (2009)

IMDB: 2.4

Machu (Mammootty) is duped by a foreign native who promises to wed his daughter to him. He, however, escapes to Singapore and Machu is left stunned. What does Machu do? Land in Singapore. What follows is a story of revenge …but in a more comically, melodramatic way.

Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Dae! Ingottu nokkiye… (2008)

IMDB: 2.4

Hats off to the person who came up with the title of the movie. Vettikadu Sivan (Jayasurya)’s only aim is to destroy his uncle’s career. He has a wicked plan in mind that adds a whole new level of light entertainment. It’s a trip. Mind you, you won’t be able to get “Kodivecha” out of your head.

Worst Rated Malayalam Movies By IMDB

Honorary mentions:

Bhagavan (2009): 2.3

Vamanapuram Bus Route (2004): 2.2

Best of Luck (2010): 2.1

These may be the worst-rated Malayalam movies on IMDB, but have you checked out the best-rated ones?

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