We Spoke To ThirumaLi About His Latest Song Aliya With Found Out Record

Keeping things super fresh, ThirumaLi released a new song Aliya in collaboration with Thudwiser. The song was released with Found Out, which is Universal Music India’s enabler platform for hip-hop artists in the country. Aliya is a stark reminder of the value of genuine friendships, something that we all should cherish as stated by ThirumaLi.

Perhaps one of the best rappers Kerala has ever seen, ThirumaLi keeps getting better with every drop. We sat down with the artist to know what went behind the making of Aliya.

What’s the story behind Aliya?

Aliya is for the people who celebrate friendship. We all have a best friend who supports everything in our life, don’t we? You can dedicate this song to them.

Thudwiser had originally come up with this amazing beat that had a little bit of commercial and Arabic touch to it. I instantly got hooked. The first line that came out of my mouth was “wake up in the morning calling aliya”. Obviously, the whole song followed this specific bar. The video has a little more craziness added to it. There’s a house party and a brawl breaks out. This theme has added more fun to the song I feel. Even after all the fights, they still remain friends because that’s what friendship is all about.

Who’s the ‘Aliya’ in your life?

Thudwiser (Music producer of Aliya) is actually my Aliya. He is more than just a friend. He supports my dreams and I do the same for him as well. We have been doing this together for a long period. Friendship should be like this, it should add value to each other’s life.

Which songs are you currently listening to on loop these days?

I listen to a lot of Drake, Pop Smoke, Lil Baby, Ali Gatie, Don Toliver etc. These artists inspire me a lot.

We seriously need to talk about the bomber jacket you’re wearing in the video! Where can we buy it?

The costumes are designed and delivered by “dxwn trxdden“. Only he has the answer to this question. By the way, the jacket was lit and I thank him for his costume selection.

We’d love to know which dance group you partnered with, in this music video

They are a Kochi based dance crew called “House of AOS“. They are a very talented young bunch of people who rocked their performance in the video.

How do you see your rap evolving in the next couple of years?

Signing with Universal Music is such a big thing happend in my career. To crack a deal like this, especially when you’re from the South, is a big thing for the uprising hip hop community in Kerala. I’ll be able to release a lot of amazing music with the label’s support. This is just the beginning.

Who are your biggest Malayali musical influences?

I have no such inspiration in the Malayalam rap music scene because there are no artists to look up to. We are the first generation of rappers who’ve opened such opportunities in Kerala. But I love our musicians such as Rex Vijayan, Sushin Shyam, Jakes Bejoy, Yesudas and more.

Lastly, we know this song is going to be a success. How do you plan on celebrating the success of Aliya?

I have no such plans yet. I might celebrate the success with my aliya. LOL!

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