Kerala’s Hip Hop Pioneer ThirumaLi Releases A Party Song ‘Aliya’ With Found Out Record

Kerala rapper, songwriter & actor ThirumaLi aka Vishnu MS released his first track with Found Out which is Universal Music India’s enabler platform for hip-hop artists in the country. The track titled ‘ALIYA’ in Malayalam is termed “Best Friends.” This stellar track is an ode to true friendship and is a perfect song for people who appreciate genuine friendship.

A track full of enthusiasm with energetic fervour signifies that to lead a fulfilled life, you need true friends who will push you to achieve your dreams and goals while standing beside you in any crisis. It also tells us that true companionship comes with zero filters, no caste, and no religion. Genuine friends are soulmates and they should be embraced, appreciated, and celebrated.  

The music video is directed by Ski Run. The video displays everything you’d expect in a whopping party with your friends. It also has a quick cameo by ThudWiser who is seen spinning tunes at the party.

Kerala's Hip Hop Pioneer ThirumaLi Releases A Party Song 'Aliya' With Found Out Record

Like most extraordinary rappers whoever made it big, Vishnu MS, now famed as ThirumaLi—meaning honesty and greatness—has come from the suburbs. The young boy, who dropped out of college to make music, is now being pitted to break away Malayalam rap from the margins and make it go mainstream. A cornerstone of the Southern heat, ThirumaLi started rapping close to eight years ago at a time when Malayalam Rap was almost obsolete. ThirumaLi was one of the pioneers to spread head its growth in Kerala.

On the occasion of the release of his track, ThirumaLi said, “Not too long ago, I was on the streets of Kottayam, rolling off words that came from a deep space within, searching for an identity. With every release, I feel extremely overjoyed and gain confidence within myself. ‘ALIYA’ is a song that I created to celebrate friendship. We all need friends that we trust, rely upon during tough times and enjoy during the happy days. That is exactly what I want to empower through this song.”

Check out Aliya here.

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