Wacky Ideas For Probable Malayalam Films

The Malayalam film industry is home to several extraordinary talents. It is also regarded as the industry from which rooted and realistic stories originate. We also had a mass masala movie phase that hit the screens and left a great impact on the viewers. This impact made the audience think of several crossovers and possible storylines for future projects that could, in a way, change the dimension of the industry. Personally, I, too, have had several wacky ideas for probable Malayalam films.

From several actors joining together for a particular genre of film to a specific actor portraying a character they haven’t really played so far in their career, here’s a list of my wacky ideas for filmmakers, for potential path-breaking and record-breaking films. This would mostly please fans and somewhat get the critics raving as well. 

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Tovino Thomas and Unni Mukundan in a mass action film

Wacky Ideas For Probable Malayalam Films

Ok, so I am completely aware of the fact that both these actors went head-to-head in the 2016 Binu Sadanandan directorial, Style. But, the film didn’t really have a great run in the theatres due to its lacklustre storytelling style. What I am suggesting here, is an intense action movie, similar to the 2019 Bollywood film War

Tovino and Unni have made headlines with their dedication to building a muscular body and it would be quite interesting to see them battle it out in some well-choreographed and high octane action sequences. But of course, we also need a convincing and relatable story. Aspiring writers here’s a story idea for you all, so pick up your pens and create magic with your imagination. 

A Malayalam cop universe film

Bollywood has seen the rise of the cop universe created by Rohit Shetty. In Malayalam too, we have several massy and dynamic cops, who could join hands and solve a complex case. 

Let’s imagine a scenario. 

We have Bharathchandran IPS as the IG, who along with his team of able police officers, including ASP Derek Abraham, ASP Sam Alex, ACP Adithyan Menon, SI Vikram Shenoy and SI K (Kalki) join hands to find a mysterious killer. With the inculcation of moments for each cop to show their intellectual side, their machismo, along with a highly intriguing investigative thriller story, I believe this Malayalam cop universe film can break several box office records. Shahi Kabir sir, if you are reading this, please consider this as your next scripting venture.

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Mammootty-Mohanlal combo movie where they go head to head as mafia kings

Wacky Ideas For Probable Malayalam Films

Kerala is united by the art form of cinema. However, there are constant fights between the fans of the two stalwarts of the Malayalam film industry, Mohanlal and Mammootty, over who is better. Now, I don’t want to get into fan fights because I believe both of them are extraordinary talents. Both actors have a huge amount of crowd-pulling capabilities. 

In the past, they have done several films together, but in my memory, the number of films where they go head to head against each other is few or non-existent. Here, what I am suggesting is a film, which caters to the fans of both the actors where they are given equal importance. 

What better storyline than both the actors being dreaded mafia kings who have to go head to head to take over a region of Kerala. A few months ago, we heard the phrase “Keralam ninn katthum“. I guess the phrase would be apt if a film along similar lines is made. Theatre owners would have a great time screening this star-studded film.

Kunchacko Boban-Neeraj Madhav dance film

Wacky Ideas For Probable Malayalam Films

The Malayalam film industry has had several actors try their hand at dancing. Some of them made a fool out of themselves, while others managed to do a decent job. However, there were a few actors, who absolutely stunned us with their dance skills. Two names I can instantly recollect are Kunchacko Boban and Neeraj Madhav. 

Have you all ever wondered what it would be like if we ever made an all dance film, similar to how Bollywood has the ABCD franchise

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Well, if at all anyone comes up with an idea for such a film, the casting suggestion is ready. Neeraj Madhav and Kunchacko Boban in a dance film, having dance battles and competing against each other for a precious trophy would be an absolute treat for the viewers. I would definitely sign myself up for such a film, first day, first show. 

Mollywood superhero universe with Minnal Murali, Athisayan, Kuttichathan and a few other new entries

India’s first 3D movie gave us a superhero Kuttichathan. Several years later, we saw an experimental film by director Vinayan, wherein he introduced a wannabe Hulk kinda character called Athisayan. And now, the latest entry into the superhero universe is Minnal Murali

Marvel and DC gave viewers two different superhero universes, where the superheroes work together to fight evil and save the world. Well, with the three existing superheroes and with a few more entries, we can create a Malayali superhero universe. 

It would be amazing to see Kuttichathan, Minnal Murali, Athisayan and several other superheroes fight evil and save the world. Ok, maybe Kerala and not the world because we do not have billions of dollars to spend. 

A film with an all-women crew

Since the inception of cinema, we have seen several changes come about. From films, we progressed to digital cameras and many other technological advancements. We also saw the inclusion of women in several crew member positions. But, have you ever wondered how amazing it would be to see a film being developed, shot and released, which consists of an all-women crew? 

The Malayalam film industry is home to several brilliantly talented women, right from acting to singing to direction. We can see a combined effort of all the women superstars, behind the camera as well as in front of it, to create something magical. It would be remembered for ages. WCC members, if anyone is reading this, please…

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Nimisha Sajayan in an intense sports drama

Wacky Ideas For Probable Malayalam Films

Nimisha Sajayan can easily be credited as one of the finest actors currently active in the Indian film industry. After some superb performances in recent films, she has proved to viewers that raw talent is the biggest factor that dictates an actor’s success. Being an ardent admirer of her work, I have noticed that almost all of her characters have some similarity, either in the character arc or the demand for certain kinds of expressions. 

One of my wacky ideas is to see Nimisha Sajayan undergo a physical transformation and play the protagonist in a sports drama movie. This kind of role would surely be something challenging for her as an artist and could possibly reveal to viewers how versatile she is as an actor. An intense sports drama, wherein Nimisha Sajayan plays the titular role, would be an absolute treat to watch. 

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These are some of the wacky ideas for probable Malayalam films that I came up with. If at all anyone, who is willing to make it big in the film industry is reading this article, I hope this has given you some food for thought. Maybe you could use some of these wacky ideas and help the industry transition into the next phase.


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