Vinayakan-Kerala Police Controversy: What Exactly Happened?

The arrest of popular Malayalam actor Vinayakan, widely known for his performance in the film “Jailer,” has shaken the entertainment industry once again. The incident took place on October 24th, when there was an altercation between the actor and police officials at the Ernakulam North police station. He was arrested in a dramatic turn of events, causing public indignation, legal proceedings, and extensive media coverage. Let’s get into the details of the incident, Vinayakan’s reaction, the legal consequences, and the repercussions.

A closer look at what actually happened?

Five police officers, one of them being a female officer from the Ernakulam Town police station, visited Vinayakan’s apartment on Stadium Link Road in the city at around 3:30 p.m. This action was taken after the actor allegedly called the police station regarding a property purchase dispute with his family and wife. During the probe, he allegedly accused the policemen of being unfair and biased and asked them to leave his residence. He allegedly misbehaved with them and demanded evidence of their identities. After deciding to bring Vinayakan to the station the following day, the police spoke with him and his wife before they left his place.

At about 7:30 p.m., he showed up at the Ernakulam Town North Police station and allegedly began cursing at the police officers. It was also seen that the police officers allegedly misbehaved with the actor. According to reports, the cops had to book him after putting up with his “rude behaviour” for a long time. Later that day, the actor, who was reportedly intoxicated, arrived at the police station and demanded to know the identities of the officers. He claimed that a female officer had entered his apartment, and he asked whether the police only paid attention to complaints from women. He also swore at the police officers, allegedly. A video surfaced online showing an altercation between a police officer and Vinayakan. During the altercation, casteist remarks were made allegedly, which caused outrage among people. There was tension between the actor and police officials when the latter refused to answer his questions. When the situation should have been calmed down, things got out of hand, and Vinayakan was taken into custody. According to reports, due to his dishevelled appearance and impolite demeanour, he was sent to the Ernakulam General Hospital for a physical examination and an alcohol breathalyzer test to detect alcohol.

After completing his medical checkup, Vinayakan told reporters he didn’t know why he had been detained as he was being led out of the hospital by the police. The actor stated, “I came to file a complaint,” in response to a question concerning the cause of his arrest. He requested the media and people to kindly try asking the cops why he was brought to this hospital instead of asking him.

According to Mathrubhumi, Vinayakan was subsequently charged under the Kerala Police Act’s sections 118(A) and 117(E).  According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), there is no proof that the actor physically harmed the officers. However, he was taken into custody on suspicion of causing a disturbance on the police station property and impolitely speaking to the officers. According to the officer, the actor has previously caused similar disturbances at the police station in his inebriated state. However, additional investigation is being conducted on the CCTV video of his visit to the police station, along with determining whether the actor was under the influence of any synthetic substances with blood samples being taken from him for the same.

Vinayakan was granted bail following a proper overnight procedure. While speaking to the media, Kochi deputy commissioner S Sasidharan stated that although the accusations against Vinayakan may be dismissed with bail, they were serious in nature and could even result in a three-year prison sentence for the actor.

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Political Comments and Public Outcry

Congress MLA Uma Thomas criticized the state police for releasing Vinayakan on bail after he caused a disturbance at the Ernakulam North Police Station. Uma Thomas sparked a discussion regarding special treatment for VIPs in Kerala’s court system by alleging that the actor’s prompt release was related to his CPI-M membership. She questioned if Vinayakan’s release was ordered by the Kerala Chief Minister’s official residence, Cliff House, or if it was a privilege of being a comrade to gain bail following disruptive activity at a police station. She also urged harsher legal action against Vinayakan, highlighting concerns about well-known people dodging the law and casting doubt on the fairness and integrity of the judicial system.

The digital war and sides

On the broad plains of social media, public opinion ignited in the crucible of the Vinayakan police station event turned into a raging wildfire. The digital sphere has given rise to two opposing battalions of ideas, each with its own strength of conviction, like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the actor’s devoted fans have defended him, calling him a hero for standing up to injustice and sending forth their unshakable support across the great expanses of the internet. At the same time, a horde of trolls has been analyzing every aspect of the occurrence and casting doubt on the morality, ethics, and legality of his conduct, all within an internet storm.

The distinctions between justice, influence, and public opinion become hazy in the whirling storm of a case like the Vinayakan police controversy. Without a doubt, this whole incident has shown the strong connection between public perception, power, and the digital era. This episode’s aftereffects are still being felt on the internet, prompting concerns about the justice system’s impartiality and responsibility in the face of public scrutiny. 

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