Kochi Metro Rail has Become the Next Best Destination to do Pre/Post-Wedding Shoots

Weddings are a celebration of love, and there is no better way to capture the spirit of this love story than through pre/post-wedding photoshoots. While exotic destinations and gorgeous scenery are popular alternatives, a new trend has evolved that gives an urban and modern touch to your special moments – pre/post-wedding shoots at Kochi Metro Rail. Yes, that’s right.!

The Love Express has arrived!

What It Is All About

Picture your love story as it plays against a backdrop of sleek metro trains and bustling stops. Metro pre/post-wedding photographs give off a lively and contemporary backdrop that contrasts perfectly with the traditional wedding venue.

The cost

The cost of such photoshoots varies depending on your chosen location. In Kochi, for example, filming inside a halted metro train for two hours costs roughly Rs 5,000. If you want to use three coaches for your shoot, the fee rises to Rs 12,000. Keep in mind that prices may vary from one city to the next.

Interesting Details

Metro sets have an urban vibe that gives a fresh and modern touch to your wedding images. The juxtaposition of contemporary design and love is eye-catching. Some metros allow night shootings, creating a beautiful and magical ambience. The city lights and the aura of the metro provide a magnificent backdrop.

Tips for a fun, Ideal shoot 

Make sure you have the proper permits from the metro authorities or station administration.

Check the availability and schedules of metro services for your shooting. For a more calm experience, schedule your shoot during less congested periods. Because metro stations are public areas, it is essential to be considerate of other riders. Coordination with the metro crew is required to achieve a seamless and effortless picture.

How to get in

To board the love train for your wedding photoshoot, contact metro authorities or station management to check about photography availability, terms, and conditions. They will walk you through the steps and make your photoshoot an unforgettable experience. You can either give a call to 9946508707 or drop an email to socialmediacell@kmrl.co.in to get more information and/or book your slots.

Metro pre/post-wedding photoshoots are a different and creative way to capture your important moments. They add a new twist to traditional photographic locations with their urban aesthetics, interesting backdrops, and metro modernism. So, why not use the Kochi metro rail for your pre/post-wedding photoshoots and make your love story genuinely unforgettable on the rails? It’s a love story set in the busy streets of a bustling metropolis, encapsulating the spirit that defines contemporary romance.

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