Vidyasagar’s Legendary Compositions In Malayalam Cinema – Part 2

Vidyasagar’s legendary compositions are repeat-worthy and most of his works in Malayalam are masterpieces. It is almost impossible to write about his work in a single piece. We, thus, move on to the second article which focuses on his contributions to Malayalam cinema, post-2000s. In other words, his most noteworthy compositions after 2000.

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“Shravan Gange…” (Millennium Stars)

This is a high-voltage song, a masterpiece in itself, that is not always given its due credit as compared to his other songs. KJ Yesudas, Hariharan and Vijay Yesudas, three amazing singers singing together for a single itself has a charm to it. It is for sure that this song is nothing short of pure brilliance. The composition is a brilliant piece of art, providing a concert feel and the energy is too contagious.

“Elamaan kaniloode…” (Sathyam Sivam Sundaram)

This song is the go-to song for most Malayali romantics. The music is so soothing that it takes the listener to a whole new level. Another great decision was making the great Hariharan render his voice for this song. MAN! It is literal chills. I would not be exaggerating when I say, but this song makes your inner soul cool with a vibe of a soft drizzle.

The best musical tribute to fathers is also from this movie, “Sooryanayi thazhuki”. The peppy number “Awwa Awwa”, regarded to be one of the top dance numbers by our Chackochan (Kunchacko Boban), is also good.

“Karale Nin…” (Devadoothan)

Vidyasagar received the Kerala state film awards for this movie and was even nominated for the national award. Since the movie was a musical, music had a great role to play, which was aesthetically and brilliantly composed. “Karale nin” is a song that stands out for its beautiful arrangement and composition.

“Poove poove” is another song that has always been stuck in the heads of music lovers. This movie’s music had a lot of takeaways relating to the technical aspects of the music.

“Chingamaasam…” (Meesha Madhavan)

Now, who wouldn’t have danced to and enjoyed the songs in Meesha Madhavan? “Chingamasam” is that song among others that has travelled time and still enjoys the same old reception.

“Ente ellam ellam”, “Karimizhi”, “Penne penne”, “Vaaleduthal” are all from the same movie, making us wonder how a composer can make songs that can stand out and have their independent existence.

“Kadirangi odi…” (CID Moosa)

Yes, you are right. The cartoon-style comical song was composed by our very own “King of Melodies” himself. The range of styles he adopted for this movie is just too astonishing. Who can forget the fun-filled songs from this movie? Indeed, one might remember this movie not just for its comedy alone, but for its amazing comical music too.

He even made a song out of film names, even at a time when parody songs weren’t that famous. Vidyasagar just messes with our music taste and makes us like whatever he does.

“Raaverayayyi…” (Rock n’ Roll)

Though my favourite from this movie is another song, I believe this song deserves much credit for the technicalities in its music. Vidyasagar had created a magic of a song that can hold in any music lover. When the song finishes, the characters stand in awe of Mohanlal for his performance, but it is hard for a music lover to not think about Vidyasagar’s amazing creation.

My personal favourite, which I also believe is an underrated song that perfectly fits when you want to booze and chill with your friends (though it is injurious to health) is “Valayunnitha…”. This song has a vibe of its own and makes you want to chill along with the movie characters. Again, it is the same King of melodies, who is behind this brilliant piece.

“Anuraga Vilochannanayi…” (Neelathamara)

This song was so famous post its release that you would hear it as ringtones or when you switched on your TV sets. Such was the impact of this song. The melody is so beautiful and serene.

“Nilamalare…” (Diamond Necklace)

This was another melody by Vidyasagar that stood out and became an instant favourite among Malayalis. I might be repeating whatever I said earlier if I talk a lot about the melodies by Vidyasagar because, at the end of the day, his melodies take you into another world.

“Omana komala…” (Oru Indian Pranayakadha)

This song brought out the fun, romantic side of Vidyasagar after a few years. Though this song is mostly applauded for the amazing chemistry between Fahadh Faasil and Amala Paul, this song is so captivating and gets stuck in our heads even after the first time.

“Sahibaa…” (Anarkali)

This song needs no description or explanation since it can speak for itself. Vidyasagar-Hariharan combo joined hands to create another magic.

As I mentioned earlier, he is a musical genius that can’t be limited to the King of Melodies alone, because the range of his music is so wide and can hook the audience no matter what the genre is. Whatever he does, automatically interests the audience. He is one of those music directors that knows the way to a music lover’s heart.

Feel free to add your favourites among Vidyasagar’s legendary compositions.

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