Vellepangady: The Exclusive Vellepam Place in Thrissur

Do you want to know what Malayalis really love? Hot, steamy layers of velleppam served at the breakfast table. The yummiest velleppam made with rice batter is the perfect combination with any curry, spicy or not. Places exclusive for velleppam are quite common today, but a whole street that sells velleppam is a rarity. Vellepangady, situated near Puthan Palli church in Thrissur is an exclusive street where the Christian community sells velleppam from early morning to evening. The taste and quality of the velleppam available here is fabulous, and this makes Vellepangady one of the must-visit places.

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The History Behind Vellepangady

The history of Vellepangady dates back to over 200 years ago. The ancestors who marked the beginning of the in-home velleppam business on small scale had their younger generations take over the business. What started as a small-scale business evolved into a whole street in Thrissur dedicated to selling varieties of velleppam. Today, around 12 houses sell velleppams in this street. During pre-covid, a vendor sold around 500 velleppams per day.


The secret recipe of the batter used is the reason behind the unique taste of the velleppam available in Vellepangady. This special batter is made eight hours before the actual preparation. Most of the stores use charcoal and clay hearths to make the appams. Having velleppam with fresh coconut milk and sugar is the traditional way of eating the dish. Many people would flock to this street just to try this combination. Apart from velleppam, many vendors also sell achappam, vattayappam, unniyappam and kuzhalappam. Now you know where to go for your 4 pm chaaya.

achappam, vattayappam, unniyappams and kuzhalappam

From retail to wholesale, Vellepangady is ready to serve you with yummy delicacies. But pre-booking is required, especially if the quantity required is large. Not only is this place a food lover’s paradise, but it is also of historical significance.

Location – Latin Church Rd, Erinjery Angady, Pallikkulam, Thrissur 

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