Types Of Proposals In Malayalam Movies

Valentine’s Day – a day that you may love or hate, but just cannot ignore. Whether you’ve been bitten by the love bug or have never been struck by Cupid as yet, you’re sure to notice the roses, hearts and all the reds that are strewn into the air during this time of the year. Love is in the air, and definitely on our screens too. And so are proposals! So, why don’t we go ahead and look at some of the types of proposals that we have come across in Malayalam movies with an example of each?

The to-the-point proposal

Arun must have taken the trending reel song “Can we skip to the good part?” way too seriously, because his proposal is completely preface-free with zero beating around the bush. The best part is that he emphasizes that – “So, I’m coming straight to the point”

Brownie points for all the hardcore math he’s worked out to impress the girl.

The treasure hunt proposal

Standing tall on this list, it’s hard to believe that this is a 36-year-old proposal because it is indeed a timeless one! If Pranav in Hridayam embraced a to-the-point proposal, his dad had mastered the art of delivering a prologue-heavy proposal in Namukku Parkam Munthirithoppukal. It concluded with a treasure hunt twist with the crux of the matter not delivered by him but by the Psalms of Solomon well tucked away in the pages of a Bible.

The progressive proposal

Of all the proposals in this list, this one is sure to stand out because I haven’t really seen another guy mouthing “Enik sthree dhanayit egg chicken kaatti roll mathi” as his proposal pick-up line. Guys, take some serious notes! 

The oudarya proposal

Much likely the diametric opposite of what we just touched upon. If Sanju of 2 Penkuttikal said I will never demand dowry, Mannadiyar said, “Dude, you owe me money, but let’s forget all about that cuz I’m ready to marry your daughter” Pennu = Cash/Dhuddu/Panam/Money-Money. Tch, tch.

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The impromptu proposal

After years of watching men proposing to women, this proposal was like a whiff of fresh air. Two tiddly people, loitering around in the middle of the night with the woman choosing that moment to express her love – quirky and unconventional!

The aangya bhasha proposal

While we are on the topic, here’s another proposal where the woman took the lead to express her love. So, Unni decided to pretend to be an ooma but he surely did not do any homework. In fact, he hadn’t even played dumb charades his entire life because he was utterly clueless when Pooja enacted the words “I love you”. It’s another story that deciphering this almost got him whacked.

The nallakutty proposal

While most movies end in marriage, this movie’s climax was a proposal. Dr Sunny takes the conventional ‘nalla kutty’ route for his proposal and how! He drops a surprise bomb on Sreedevi before he leaves the tharavadu, and signs off with a “thalparyam undel njan ammachiye paranj vidam” note and a premature anugraham from her dad. Finally, the stunned looks Sreedevi has been throwing all along the movie (yeah, all that kannuthallal) came in handy.

The freaked-out proposal

Hari and Krishnan of Harikrishnans may send shivers down the spines of criminals in court, but when it comes to professing their love, they end up shivering. They sing songs, gulp down a gallon of water and pointlessly talk about all the random shit in the world but just cannot summon themselves to say what they want to. 

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The chauvinistic proposal

Need we say anything here? Or rather, is there anything more to say about this that we already haven’t?

Honorary mentions:

The drunk proposal

Definitely would pass off as a crash course on how not to propose to a girl!

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The nagging proposal

By hook or crook, you get the girl to reciprocate your love cuz consent was uncool in the ‘90s.

The veli chaadal proposal

Jump the gun by jumping the walls. Guarantees adrenaline rush for the proposer and panic attacks for the ‘proposee’. 

The types of proposals which we just discussed are but a subset of the mahasagaram of types we’ve seen in Malayalam cinema. Which type of proposal would you like to add to this list?

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