Times When Technopark Turned Into A Film Set

The first IT park in India was not just a mere amusement during its initial years. Filmmakers sought out various opportunities to shoot their best possible film sets amid the budding technology revolution. Let’s see some of the quirky yet aesthetic frames Technopark brought into Malayalam cinema.

The King (1995)

One of the first movies shot in the park campus was Mammooty’s superhit movie The King. Collector Joseph Alex’s office was a notable place for the park. A lot has changed since and it’s a bit difficult to spot the right places. So you might find this interesting.

Watch the movie here.

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Times When Technopark Turned Into A Film Set

Priyam (1996)

Remember the katturumbinu kalyanam song from the Priyam movie? We can find glimpses of Technopark when the Kunchcako-Deepa duo dance to the tunes with three little children.

Watch the movie here.

SUPERMAN! (1997)

Wow, wondering when the DCU set its foot on the grounds of Kerala? It never happened, just saying. We’re talking about Superman starred by Jayaram-Shobhana. Where else can you find a live telecasting big screen hall with inbuilt CCTV cameras that could occupy the whole cast of the movie in 1997 if it wasn’t for Technopark? Never miss out on the beautiful water tank over which our hero and heroine part ways.

Watch the movie here.

Ritu (2009)

This movie revolves around the life of three childhood friends who grew apart but were brought together when one of them starts a company. Certain office, cafeteria and parking lot scenes were shot in Technopark.

Watch the movie here.

Robinhood (2009)

Prithviraj is a professor who leads a double life. He robs ATMs during the night. In Robinhood, he robs IBI Bank and that bank is set in the Thejaswini building.

Watch the movie here.

Times When Technopark Turned Into A Film Set

August 15 (2011)

In this investigative thriller movie, the Cyber Cell office was set in Technopark. There are various frames where Thejaswini and other areas in the park were shot.

Watch the movie here.

Times When Technopark Turned Into A Film Set

Sandwich (2011)

Kunchako Boban starrer Sandwich shows the protagonist as a Software Engineer working for an MNC. Certain circumstances lead him to danger, involving goons. You can see how the goons and policemen gather around the park to create a mess of fights.

Watch the movie here.

Times When Technopark Turned Into A Film Set

Mudhugauv (2016)

In this movie, you can catch certain frames of the park, like when Gokul Suresh roams behind a girl like a hopeless romantic.

Watch the movie here.

Mudhugauv shot

Cold Case (2021)

A small part of this movie is set in Technopark which many might know. If you haven’t found it yet, here’s the chance.

Watch the movie on Amazon Prime.

Cold case Shot

Chathur Mukham (2021)

A major plot of this movie is shot in certain areas of Technopark. As the movie handles a new concept of technology, this place has an important role.

Watch the movie on Zee5.

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Rain Rain Come Again (2004)

We’ve reserved the best for the last.

The whole movie set is on the park campus. You can watch two colleges built creatively next to each other, renaming some buildings in the park to Queen Agnus Women’s College and King Aloshius Men’s College.

It was a revolution made by our Shirtooran bro and a car company lady (watch the movie to get these references). Can’t leave out the two famous songs by our rockstar Jassie Gift which whooped Malayalis with excitement and joy then and continues to do so even now.

This one was the trendsetter for girls’ group dances during the 2000s. It swept our dance floors like the wind sweeping their hair during the song. The major hit choreo even shook the statue person. We could see him staring at the sky with an expression like “enikithonnum kanan vayye” (still hasn’t turned back).

What to do when you find your principal in love with another neighbouring college principal? Confused? Here is the answer: You gather a bunch of students from both the colleges and celebrate it with a bang-bang.

Shirtooran and his team stomp the floors of Thejaswini with so much energy and enthusiasm that even the cameraman couldn’t stop himself from jumping with them.

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Here is the link to watch this movie which presents a particular subject in the strangest yet funniest way possible. If you haven’t watched it yet, get ready to feast.

Special mention to King and Commissioner, Godman, Oru Naal Varum, Make-up Man, Geethanjali, Bhargavacharitham Moonam Khandam, Kanyakumari Express, Baba Kalyani, Thalsamayam Oru Penkutty, College Kumaran and Mili.

Do you know any other movies set in Technopark? Do let us know in the comments.

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