This Thrissurkaran Invented Masks With Mics For Safe Communication

One of the initial issues we all faced ever since we were asked to wear masks was communication. For some, it still is. But, this B-tech student from Thrissur, Kerala, found the perfect solution to an existing problem – Masks with Mics.

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Kevin Jacob, who studies at Thrissur Engineering College, created his own mask with an integrated speaker and amplifier. He managed to create this with a 3D printer he invented in class. The mic can be used for four to six hours on a thirty-minute charge. He used a magnet to attach the mic to the mask.

This Thrissurkaran Invented Masks With Mics For Safe Communication

His parents, who are in the medical field, inspired him to make this innovative gadget. Kevin observed that his parents, Dr Senoj KC and Dr Jyoti Mary Jose, were struggling to properly communicate with their patients. In an interview with ANI, he shared, “My parents are doctors and since the beginning of the pandemic, they have been struggling to communicate with their patients. They found it very difficult to make themselves clear through multiple layers of masks and a face shield. That was when this idea came to my mind.”

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Therefore, he created masks with mics so that people can communicate freely without the worry of a spread. Masks with mics can help many frontline workers to communicate better with their patients or the people they handle on a day-to-day basis.

Kevin tested his first prototype with his parents. He understood that his product worked really well for them. Once the demand started to come in, he increased the production of the masks. At the moment, he is struggling with funding to mass produce masks with mics. Kevin is on the lookout for somebody or a company to help him build his business.

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