This Sweet Shop In Thrissur Offers Chaaya In A Yummy Biscuit Cup

Have you ever had chaaya in a cup made out of biscuits? Radhakrishna Sweets located in Thrissur town serves chood ulla chaaya in a biscuit cup that you can eat later on. Just like your ice cream cone! Imagine slurping on your favourite chaaya while having something to munch on later. You get two things in one. This isn’t an entirely new concept. But, this restaurant is the first to bring it to the district. Here’s all you need to know about this special chaaya in a biscuit cup.

Now you can sip your tea and eat it too

One of the main reasons why chaaya in a biscuit cup is a rage is because it is sustainable and there is no use of plastic. You’ll spot Radhakrishna Sweets in Thrissur’s Naikkanal. It’s a small store that serves snacks and refreshments to passersby. However, ever since they brought biscuit chaaya, the store has been bustling with customers. So much that, during the peak COVID time, the local police had to come and disperse the hungry crowd.

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This Sweet Shop In Thrissur Offers Chaaya In A Yummy Biscuit Cup

It’s tasty. It’s delicious

We all love a good chaaya, don’t we? Especially, during our break time or after a hard day at work. When you are at Radhakrishna Sweets, you get a piping hot Kerala chaaya prepared using tea leaves, milk, and sugar and served in a wonderful biscuit teacup. It just costs INR 20. What’s more, they’ve even got vanilla, chocolate and norma flavoured biscuit tea here. You will be spoilt for choice for sure.

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This Sweet Shop In Thrissur Offers Chaaya In A Yummy Biscuit Cup

Also, if you believe that the chaaya will melt your biscuit cup, fret not. It will last long enough to make sure you have that biscuit crunch. 

Other varieties that they serve

Apart from the chaaya, if you’re hungry, you should try their idly, vada, dosas, and Jaathikka kattan. In fact, they have a small seating arrangement on the top of their store so you can eat in peace.

Location: Harwin Plaza, AR Menon Rd, Naikkanal, Thrissur, Kerala 680020

Price: INR 20

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