This Palakkad-Based Food Venture Serves Delicious Banoffee Pie & Korean Bao

Pathu’s Malabari Ninja, an FSSAI certified, Palakkad-based homemade food venture has caught our attention for the right reasons. They have two items on their menu – Banoffee Pie and Korean Bao. Both, huge hits, btw! It’s so good that you will crave it long after the plates are cleared.

Fathima Manziya and her husband Dr Abdul Salam’s started Pathu’s Malabari Ninja to introduce rare (but delicious) food dishes in Palakkad. They kicked off their venture by introducing the English dessert, Banoffee Pie, which left an enduring imprint on their customers. They now have started to sell Korean Bao that’s the talk of the town at the moment.

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The Story Of Pathu’s Malabari Ninja

“You will hardly find international desserts or dishes available in Palakkad. The majority of the people don’t even know the taste of various dishes like puddings, English desserts, etc. So our major intention was to introduce a variety of dishes through our food venture. We quickly started with Banoffee Pie because it literally doesn’t exist here. We have more dishes to introduce. But currently, we were focusing on Banoffee Pie in three different flavours along with Korean Bao,” shares Fathima Manziya, co-founder of Pathu’s Malabari Ninja.

This Palakkad-Based Food Venture Serves Delicious Banoffee Pie & Korean Bao
Founders of Pathu’s Malabari Ninja

What’s Unique About Their Banoffee Pie?

As the name Banoffee Pie suggests, the main ingredients used in this dessert are bananas and coffee. What makes Pathus Malabari Ninja’s Banoffee Pie unique is the coffee they use.

They only use homemade coffee in its making and that gives this dessert a fresh flavor and taste. The four layers comprising biscuits, banana, coffee, and cream make Banoffee Pie the best dessert you can have after a heavy meal. It is available in three different flavors – Doce de Leite, Nutella, and chocolate.

“Currently we deliver our orders through a delivery team called Salt. We don’t cover long distances as this dessert can’t be kept out in the open for long. Currently, we deliver within a radius of 10 km around Palakkad town. We will also introduce our dessert in some of the leading cafes in Palakkad soon.” added Manziya.

You can get a 200 ml jar, half kg, and one kg packages of Banoffee Pie at Pathu’s Malabari Ninja, and it costs INR 150, INR 400, and INR 800 respectively. As this dessert needs an overnight of refrigerator time for its setting, orders will not be accepted after 5.00 pm.

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What About Their Korean Baos?

The soft, fully bao buns with Korean chicken is very delicate in flavor. The sticky sweet sauce makes it all the more delectable along with some crispy goodness. A box comes with four buns and it is priced at INR 200. Do note that they only deliver Korean Bao orders on Wednesday and Saturday. You need to pre-order your box a day prior. Delivery charges are excluded.

Reach out to @pathus_malabari_ninja for orders and further queries.

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