This Double-decker KSRTC Bus Is Now A Classroom For Children

Did you know that there are over 455 KSRTC buses lying unused in many depots? Most of these buses are over nine years old and have covered around five lakh kilometres. One of these buses was recently made use of in a Government Lower Primary School in Kerala, located within the campus of the Government Teachers Training Institute (TTI) at Manacaud. This school has a double-decker KSRTC bus that has been converted into a classroom and recreational centre.

The bus was donated to the school as per the agreement made by the State Transport Minister Antony Raju. He stated that he would provide two KSRTC buses to the school.

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Double-decker KSRTC Bus

The refurbished bus has a TV, air-conditioner, chairs with multi-coloured tables, benches, and shelves for books. Children can also sit in the driver’s seat and play with the steering wheel too. The bus has vibrant colours and pictures of animals and birds to keep the kids intrigued. The upper tier of the bus is reserved for reading and recreational purposes.

Double-decker KSRTC Bus

This is a great initiative as it proves that KSRTC buses lying unused can be repurposed into something better for society.

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