When KSRTC Swaps to Milma Booth

What do you do with an outmoded KSRTC bus ? You turn it into a Milma booth!!

For those who are wondering about the weird stuff the author smoked, let me assure you, you heard the right thing. It was by the end of the previous month that KSRTC put out their idea to transform outmoded, and obsolete KSRTC buses to ‘Fresh Marts’.

As a part of this initiative, an old KSRTC bus in Trivandrum was remodeled and transformed into a Milma booth. This experiment seems to have struck the chord and the faculties are planning to proceed with the upcycling. 

Unlike food trucks that have slowly started finding its market in Kerala, these upcycled buses would be made into stationery stalls. Milma products are made available at reasonable rates in the stall set up in the ‘Putharikandam ground’. The stall scores around 20,000 rupees per day and is in fact a good amount considering the recent atmosphere of the pandemic. 

The fresh mart initiative is not just limited to Milma. Matsyafed, MPI, KEPCO, Consumerfed, Supplyco, Kudumbasree and Horticorp are the other agencies who are also part of this.

This initiative makes sure that buses that exist in some sheds, rusted and faded, find their purpose. These buses are either sold or rented for the initiative. The revenue collected from selling the scrap buses ranges from 75,000 to 1 lakh. The rent varies according to the agencies and as for Milma, they pay a rent of 20,000 for the booth.

The process of upcycling is quite tedious and expensive. For now, KSRTC itself is behind remodelling the vehicles to meet the needs of the stationary booth. We have seen such innovative ideas where old school buses and trucks are refurbished into food trucks, photo booths, restaurants and even theatres. Though our conscience for environmental protection and go green practices are submerged under the gripping influence of COVID-19, initiatives like these remind us of our duties.

We need more of such brilliantly put ideas. Employment opportunities, economic strategies and environmental protection strung together practically summarises this initiative. When we hear such positive news that is sunken under the unwanted, dramatic ones, we are made to think of the positive influence of the pandemic. The quest for alternatives and thirst for efficient advancements!

Hoping to hear such positive news everyday!!

Arja Dileep
In an attempt to balance between the aesthetics of an aspiring writer and the goofiness of a kid.


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