The Indispensable Pairs In Malayalam Movies

This article is about some signature traits of a director or actor that makes their work stick with their personality. Didn’t get it? Let’s dive into it and check out the indispensable pairs in Malayalam movies.

Relationship illathe namukkendakosham: Vineeth Sreenivasan

The Indispensable Pairs In Malayalam Movies

Starting from his first film Malarvaadi Arts Club, most movies directed by Vineeth revolves around some kind of relationship. If it was about friendship in Malarvaadi, it was about familial bond in Jacobinte Swargarajyam and romance in Thattathin Marayathu, same goes for Hridayam. There are two exceptions such as Thira and Oru Vadakkan Selfie, but they, too, are entwined in a plot of human relationships.

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Run Fahadh Run

Fahadh Faasil is not just a great actor but a great runner too. If you wish to make a movie with Fahadh as the hero, just tell him it’s a movie about a runner. He will definitely say yes. You might have spotted a couple of his sprints in movies like Oru Indian Pranayakadha, Diamond Necklace, Chappa Kurishu, Njan Prakashan and even more. If he were to be made a cartoon character, road runner would do just fine.

Njan idapedano?, says Pepe

Do you know what is the much-celebrated trait of all Antony Varghese (a.k.a Pepe) movies? Fights, because it makes his character complete as perceived by most fans. Ever since his debut movie Angamali Diaries, he’s never failed to include this trait in all his characters. Even when you watch a frame with people interacting peacefully with each other, you will know a fight is bound to happen if Pepe is there.

Steadfast characters ente weakness aanu: Rajisha Vijayan

Steadfast characters ente weakness aanu: Rajisha Vijayan

Rajisha Vijayan’s name among the cast of a movie is promising. Promising at least for those who aren’t intimidated by the boldness of a female character. She’s been naive, problematic, immature and possessive in movies like June and Anuraga Karikkin Vellam but the character transition from there to a completely independent female protagonist was charming. Her characters are relatable because we’ve all been in her shoes. She pulls it off with much ease like a “friendly neighbourhood girl”.

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Breakup illenkil pinne oru thrill illa: Asif Ali

The Indispensable Pairs In Malayalam Movies

Asif Ali falls in love heads over heels with a girl. Certain circumstances lead to situations that in effect end this relationship in typically, a bad breakup. Remember Sunday Holiday, Anuraga Karikkin Vellam, Vijay Superum Pournamiyum and Uyare? I know his filmography doesn’t end there. But somehow, in one or the other way, his characters always get engaged in some complicated love affair. Pavam parishuddha pranayam arinjitilla!

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Kurach light aayit oru strong movie edukate?, says Anjali Menon

Kurach light aayit oru strong movie edukate?, says Anjali Menon

The director whose movies we love and yearn to watch more! Right from her debut directorial Manjadikkuru, Anjali Menon gave quality movies with strong messages embedded in them in a light-hearted form of entertainment. It would be really difficult to find someone who dislikes Ustad Hotel, Bangalore Days or Koode, let alone hate it. Because we all love the way the story is handled and the character arc of each person in them.

Unconventional hero avanam ath nirbandha: Shane Nigam

The Indispensable Pairs In Malayalam Movies

If Shane is the protagonist, the movie theme is unconventional for sure. You will never find his heroic presence being boasted about throughout the movie. It will be so subtle that neither the characters nor the audience would find look at him as the main person. However, the fact that he is indeed the protagonist makes the movie much more interesting. Eeda, Ishq, Bhoothakaalam and Kumbalangi Nights are some of the movies in which his acting is commendable.

These are some of the special traits that I noticed. If you have found any other duo, let us know in the comments below.

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