Unapologetic Female Characters In Malayalam Cinema

In a society that discriminates against women and holds them accountable for demanding equal opportunities, movies play a significant role in redefining the representation of women. Here is a list of unapologetic female characters from Malayalam movies who stood up for themselves. These women did not let society’s standards define them or control them. They took complete ownership of their lives and inspired us in doing the same. 

Neena from Varane Avashyamund

Being a single mother in our country means you will be subjected to lots of criticism and tantrums. Neena was a single mother, but above that, she was a woman who went her way disregarding other people’s opinions. She has been engaged in several relationships and doesn’t feel guilty about it at any point in her life. She showed the courage to walk out of a relationship where she was no longer treated with respect. She did not want to spend her retirement days sitting like an old person and decided to learn French. She falls in love again and dances like no one’s watching. Neena is the best example of the many unapologetic female characters you see today.

Unapologetic Female Characters In Malayalam Cinema

Vasudha from Ishq

Vasudha and Sachi were madly in love with each other but a certain unexpected turn of events creates friction in their relationship. Towards the climax, Vasudha’s character took an arc that we weren’t prepared for. It left us all amazed. No matter how much she loved her boyfriend, she wasn’t letting his patriarchal notions determine her fate. And that’s why she turns down his proposal. 

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Unapologetic Female Characters In Malayalam Cinema

Vanaja from Achuvinte Amma

There is a general conception in our society that women always need a man in their life to survive and sustain themselves. Vanaja is one of the few women who held this notion irrelevant. She never knew her parents or even the root of her existence. She was thrown into extreme circumstances but made her way out before things went out of control. She takes with her, a two-year-old girl whom she befriended there. Maybe while figuring out her new life, she did not want to do it all alone. From there she did all that she could to make a meaningful, respectable life for herself and her daughter. She does all this without depending on anyone. She even refrained from marrying anyone, maybe she wanted her daughter to be safe. 

Unapologetic Female Characters In Malayalam Cinema

Anu from Sunday Holiday

Things may go wrong in life but what matters is how we chose to deal with them. Anu from Sunday Holiday is a person who did not let one incident define her life. She lost her family in a landslide as a child but did not sit there crying over it. She took charge of her life and refrained from depending on anyone. She used her pain to her advantage and made a life for herself. She secured admission to a medical college and managed to find the finances for everyday needs as well. Being all alone, she was aware of the complexities that may come her way and was always conscious of the people around her. 

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Unapologetic Female Characters In Malayalam Cinema

Baby from Kumbalangi Nights

Baby from Kumbalangi Nights beats all the small-town girl stereotypes which are common in movies. She does not hide away from expressing her feelings for Bobby but also does not let him take control over her as an authoritarian. She does not succumb to his “manliness” and pushes him away when he starts advancing to her sexually. She does not shy away from standing up for herself when her brother-in-law Shammi asks her to forget Bobby as they have a different financial and social status. 

Kumbalangi Nights I Baby

Elsamma from Elsamma Ennu Ankutty

Elder of the four sisters, Elsamma decided to become the man of the house not by choice, but due to the pressure of the circumstances. Our society has a thing against a household with no men. That’s why, to ensure her family’s safety after the demise of her father, Elsamma took it on her shoulder to run the household. She worked hard every day without any complaint and made sure that her sisters got the best facilities that she never could get. Her bold and serious persona did invite a lot of cold gazes but nothing mattered to Elsamma.

Elsamma from Elsamma ennu ankutty

Aditi from Godha

It is not easy, to come to an unknown land to pursue your dream, especially when your family is trying to pull you down. But Aditi does not care about anything but her goals. She wants to become one of the finest wrestlers in the country and gives her everything for the same. Her journey is truly inspiring. She never let anything come in the way of her dream. Also, being a Punjabi, she could have easily represented her state in the wrestling tournament, but she chooses to represent Kerala instead. This is nothing but her gratitude to the land that accepted her and showered all the love on her.

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Aditi from Godha

We know that there are more unapologetic female characters that you were in awe of. Let us know in the comments below.


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