The Annual Metal Concert ‘Deliverance’ Is Happening In Trivandrum, All Details Here

The festival season intends to go on as it normally does in Trivandrum, especially after the success of Indiegaga. The metal and rock music concert, Deliverance, is all set to create some noise in the capital city on July 30th at Hotel Classic Sarovar Portico from 4:30 PM onwards. As for artists you can expect to catch, the headlining acts are Chaos (Trivandrum), Gutslit (Mumbai) and Godless (Hyderabad). The supporting acts include Crypted Hate (Kochi) and Eetillam (Trivandrum).

Deliverance will adhere to the city’s guidance on gatherings for COVID-19 and will update attendees with all the protocols that may be in place. You can book your tickets to Deliverance here.

Here’s a bit about the artists:


Chaos is reputed for the loud and heavy music that they’ve been playing since 2005 when they started gigging. Known for their tight and aggressive performances live, the quartet garnered impressive reviews for their debut release, Violent Redemption. The music is fast and frenetic with aggression not compromising the inspired quality of the musicianship that seeps out of every track.


GUTSLIT is a critically acclaimed extreme metal band reigning from Mumbai, India. GUTSLIT has adapted various styles of death metal and grindcore into their own brutal array of grinding riffs, pummeling blasts, vicious bass grooves and chilling gutturals. Thus, making GUTSLIT the finest and filthiest extreme band to hail from India.

In 2007, the journey began when four like-minded musicians came together in search of something that would stand out and not only hit the mark but eat it alive. GUTSLIT spent the first years of their career relentlessly playing their instruments and fine-tuning their craft. After dedicating two years to developing their sound, GUTSLIT released their debut music on a split album titled “Contorted Mutilation” (Cataleptic Remains Prds) with French goregrind veterans PULMONARY FIBROSIS.


From their inauspicious origins within a very exotic metal music scene, India’s Godless slowly rose to the very top of the country’s death metal class. With a name like Godless, it doesn’t take a genius to file the band into the realm of uncompromising music. But, since being formed in mid-2015 by musicians who have been a part of the Indian metal scene for years, the Hyderabad-based band have broken to also meddle in other old-school metallic forms. Slowly developing their craft over the next year, singer Kaushal LS, guitarists Ravi Nidamarthy and Rohit Nair, bassist Abbas Razvi, and drummer Aniketh Yadav eventually recorded a four-track EP with the mission statement-like title of Centuries of Decadence.

Crypted Hate

Crypted Hate is a three-piece death metal band from Kochi, India. Influenced by the era of old-school death metal, the band’s music is an amalgam of extremity & rage that resonates with indignation. The band released their debut single ‘Moral Vision’ back in 2020, during the year of their inception. It was followed by their second single ‘Idol Inside’ releasing the next year and are currently working on their upcoming album. The band has performed in various venues like Appetite For Destruction Part 1 at Kochi and Strawberry Fields, Bangalore.

Crypted Hate consists of Dean Deneesh Mathew as the lead vocalist and bassist, Akash Baiju on the drums and Rithik Valsan on the lead guitar. Subin Thomas handles the managing duties for Crypted Hate. The band is strongly influenced by Dying Fetus, Cannibal Corpse, Six Feet Under, Bloodbath, Nile, early Sepultura and the Indian legends Plague Throat, Godless and Demonic Resurrection.


EETTILLAM means a habitat made for birth, introducing life to its very first breath. Eettillam, consisting of singer/songwriter Ratheesh Kumar, Devan Narayanan on bass guitar, and Karthik on percussion are full-time musicians, dedicated to spending time studying and exploring the musical scopes and scapes of today. All their songs are written and performed in our mother-tongue Malayalam.

From Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, Eettillam has over 20 original compositions, which is a growing document of the times we live through. Songs of nature, of love, harmony and seasons of yesteryears, of humanity, empathy and all earthly virtues that make us what we are, underline the contents of our musical expression.

What are you waiting for? Book your seats right now. Deliverance is going to be big.

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