Are You Ready to Watch Your Favourite Artists Play At Indiegaga In Kochi?

Concert venues and live music festivals are slowly bringing back the element of “playing for a crowd”. It is this earning for enjoying music and art that inspired the creators of Indiegaga to host the second edition of Kochi’s favourite music and arts festival.

The annual fest returns after Wonderwall Media had to cancel their 2020 and 2021 Indiegaga event due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, they return to give us a homegrown festival with an artist line-up worth waiting for. There’s no doubt that we will celebrate the return of live performances in a big way. This time around, they’ve chosen artists, including rappers, from Kerala to perform in this one-day event.

Speaking to PinkLungi, the Director & COO at Wonderwall Media, Sujith Unnithan, shared, “We’re excited to bring back Indiegaga after years of postponing it. Our artists miss connecting with people and putting on a great live show. Indiegaga 2022 is definitely one of the most memorable, in-performance experiences they are looking forward to.”

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Fun fact, the event was supposed to happen a few months earlier, but when the third wave hit, the Indiegaga team had to reconsider their decision. What I am trying to say is that it’s been a journey of patience for the team. They’ve wanted this festival to happen for a while. Now that it is happening, they want your support by being part of the event and having a fun night to remember.

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At Indiegaga, you will travel from folk and classical sounds to alternative rock, homegrown bands to OG rappers. The festival has an impressive line-up of performances: Avial, The Down Troddence, Thirumali, and Street Academics to name a few. There are going to be two stages and 11 artists performing for you. Sujith shared, “One of the main aspects that differentiate our second edition from the first is our conscious choice of including rappers from Kerala. In the past few years, the evolution of rap in Kerala caught our attention and it was important to include them in our line-up.

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Are You Ready to Watch Your Favourite Artists Play At Indiegaga In Kochi?

Without giving away too much, Sujith shared, Since we have two stages this time, there will be simultaneous performances. Apart from our strong line-up, we’ve also paid attention to the experience we want to create for our audience. We have prioritised art, food, and the infusion of festival culture this time. It’s something you will not expect but enjoy a lot.” He further added, “Our first edition happened in a small space. This time, we’ve chosen a bigger area where people can easily move around and socialise freely. We felt it was important for people to enjoy the space within the fest while listening to their favourite artists perform.”

Indiegaga 2022, organised by Wonderwall Media, is happening on the 8th of May in Bolgotty Palace Grounds, Kochi, from 4 PM onwards. Click here to book your tickets if you haven’t. We’ll be there to enjoy ourselves with you so we hope to see you soon.

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