Sruthy Sithara And Daya Gayathri Have Become The 1st Lesbian-Trans Couple To Come Out Publicly In Kerala

Sruthy Sithara, the winner of the Miss Trans Global title in 2021, and Daya Gayathri, a proficient theatre artist have officially made their relationship public. In doing so, they have now become Kerala’s 1st Lesbian-Trans couple to come out in public. This is a pioneering moment for the LGBTQ+ community in Kerala. We’re nothing short of happy for them!

Sruthy Sithara And Daya Gayathri were friends turned couple. According to an interview with India Today, Sruthy shared that she was going through a rough breakup when she became close with Daya. Daya was her support system throughout her healing journey. Over the past two years, they grew fond of each other and it soon turned into a beautiful relationship. They now live together and are looking forward to what life has planned out for them.

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Sruthy Sithara And Daya Gayathri Have Become The 1st Lesbian-Trans Couple To Come Out Publicly In Kerala

India today has stated that the couple doesn’t have plans to get married anytime soon. But, they are interested in raising a child in the future.

Hailing from Vaikom in Kerala, Sruthy Sithara became an iconic symbol in Kerala after she bagged the Miss Trans Global title in 2021. It was no mean feat as she had to compete with contestants from 16 countries. According to Health Shots, Sruthy shared, “This beauty pageant is a step forward for the trans community…Life has really changed after the crown — not just my life, but also the perception about the transgender community.”

Daya Gayathri is a household name in the LGBTQ+ community. She is the first member of the transgender community to be nominated to the Maharaja’s College students’ union.

We wish Sruthy Sithara And Daya Gayathri an amazing life ahead!

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