Reimagining The Present Lives Of Sarah, Pooja, and Sooraj In Notebook

Venus stands in her prime, while a cool wind breezes past her two best friends’ hair. She could feel their presence, she could understand what they were speaking and more than that, she could feel another soul who stood still amidst the three of them, whose presence Pooja and Sarah could not see. Venus saw Sreedevi’s overwhelming love and happiness after seeing them all together 15 years later. 

Notebook Malayalam movie

Yes, we are talking about the iconic trio of friends that made us smile, cry, smile again and left our hearts dwelling in the realms of Lord’s Academy. Notebook, released in 2006, tells the story of a group of friends studying in Lord’s Academy, Ooty. The screenplay was written by the famous duo Bobby-Sanjay.

Notebook had a cast of several new faces including Roma Asrani who went on to become a popular face in Malayalam cinema and Skanda Ashok, a South Indian actor. Apart from her, Parvathi Thiruvothu and Maria Roy (famous writer Arundhati Roy’s niece) played serious roles. Mejo Joseph played the role of a student named Feroz, who plays the piano in the movie and is also the movie’s music director.

We did get to see Pooja and Sarah reunite, but some of us might still be eager to know what Pooja, Sooraj and Sarah are doing now. Do they still have their hidden mischievous talents? Does Pooja still hold on to her ambitions? Let’s revisit.


Notebook Malayalam movie

As we all know, Sarah had finished her medical degree. After that, she completed her MD in Psychiatry and pursued her dream to create a mental health start-up. It predominantly focuses on schools by taking mental health awareness classes and campaigns for students, parents and teachers all across South India. It also deals with counselling and helping students to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and dealing with grave issues like teen pregnancies. Sarah always wonders, “If only Sreedevi had someone to help her like this.”

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Notebook Malayalam movie

Pooja’s journey in Notebook was way more different but in a lot of ways, difficult too. She had spent around six years since her final school year, getting treatment for her illness. It changed her a lot as a person, giving her life a new perspective and open-mindedness. Pooja was the ambitious school head girl who never gave up and we see that determination still in her. She went on to complete her MBA in International Business with a scholarship from a foreign university. The bright future welcomed her again to an eminent position in an MNC in Singapore. Even in the midst of a busy schedule, she manages to work with Sarah on building her start-up and channelling various activities across schools. It is their combined dream to bring a safe and sound environment for every child to grow in. 

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How can we forget about Sooraj in Notebook? It was not easy for him to ever get past the trauma of his beloved lover’s demise. He accepted the offer from Infosys as Pooja’s mother advised and worked for several years in the IT field where he met his now-life partner. Five years into the marriage, he lives happily with his wife in Chennai.  He finally left his job a year ago to pursue his passion for writing. He is currently working on his debut novel titled “Memories Of An Amateur”. Like Pooja and Sarah, he also owes his resolutions to Sreedevi. 

Sooraj, Sarah and Pooja had been planning a tour for a long time to sojourn with their memoirs, to have a proper closure they all needed to say goodbye to her. Once they decided to embark on their journey, they knew there could not be any better place than the Lord’s Academy to commence the trip. 

So, there they are, Pooja and Sarah standing beside their beloved Venus – their symbol of love. Sooraj stood a few feet apart watching them closely and yes, he could see four of them standing together and that sight was beautiful.

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