Rats Nibble At Kerala Woman’s Body Kept At Mortuary

When the family of a deceased 65-year-old woman, Sundari, went to the mortuary to collect her body on the 16th of June, they were in for a rude shock. There seems to have been marks of injury on her face and cheeks. These injuries seem to have been caused by rats nibbling at her body while it was in the mortuary at a private hospital in Pattambi, Palakkad.

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Sundari had been admitted to the hospital due to a heart ailment two days prior and had passed away on the 15th of June. As the family did not have the facilities to keep her body at home before cremation, the authorities kept it in the mortuary. One of the relatives said, “When we reached the hospital today (June 16) to take the body, the face was covered. When we asked the hospital officials, they informed us that rats had eaten it away.”

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Kerala Health Minister Veena Geroge has sought a report from the District Medical Officer (DMO) of Palakkad. The DMO told the media that there was a lapse on the part of the hospital. And that while they did not find any evidence, the hospital admitted that the face was disfigured. The DMO went on to say that they would file a report to the Health Minister soon.

Sundari’s body was cremated on the 16th, but Pattambi police have registered a case based on the family’s complaint. The hospital is yet to release an official statement about the issue.


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