Queen of Chaliyar: The Luxury Houseboat You Wish You Knew About

What’s the most gorgeous, lavish way to vacation in Kerala? We’d say, chilling in a houseboat! No matter what you say, Kerala’s backwaters are a sight to see. And there’s no better way to experience the beauty than by staying in a houseboat. The Queen of Chaliyar, a luxury houseboat stay in Kozhikode, will take you through the most gorgeous waterways you’ll ever see.

The Luxurious Space and Service

Located 9 km from Aster Mims, The Queen of Chaliyar has everything you need in an air-conditioned boat. It comes with one separate bedroom, two bathrooms and a living room. The personal sailor will be of assistance anytime you want. In fact, if you wish to mingle with the locals or explore the nearby islands, the sailor will be more than welcome to dock the boat.

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What All Do You Get Access To?

There’s a kitchen on-board in case you wish to cook something. if you feel like paddling in the middle of the river and explore the water on your own for a while, there’s Kayaks too.

Queen of Chaliyar: The Luxury Houseboat You Wish You Knew About

The main draw of Queen of Chaliyar is its food. Guests are welcome to witness fresh fish being caught and served to you on a silver platter. You can enjoy traditional Malabar Cuisine as you breathe in the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. Paragon, a well-known restaurant around the area is just 11 km from the starting point. Food can be ordered and delivered at the houseboat if the guests wish to try out the menu.

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The price to stay here for a night will come to ₹14,142/night. To book, click here.

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