Places You Must Check Out When You Visit Nilambur

Back in the day, I wasn’t really proud of my hometown. The pandemic, however, has transformed my perspective. I now have all the time in the world to ensure that explorers, like me, visit Nilambur like a local.

I am in between jobs and the transitioning phase has forced me to stop and appreciate how beautiful this place is. It does have quite a lot to offer and I hadn’t given it much thought outside of my typical stay at home. 

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To begin with, Nilambur is a quaint little town in North Kerala that has a lot to see but hasn’t received the attention or the fanfare it deserves. It is nestled at the bank of the Chaliyar river in close proximity to the Nilgiris. This small town is popularly known as the ‘Land of Teak Plantations’

Here’s a list of 5 things I have loved doing in Nilambur and would urge everyone to try out the same.

Visit Conolly’s Plot

This is a must-see tourist attraction. The world’s oldest teak plantation is located here. It is situated at Vadapuram, about 2 kilometres from Nilambur town. The best way to reach is through the Chaliyar river.  Shri. Chathu Menon planted the first teak trees under the supervision of H.V Conolly, the collector at the time. You can also visit the hanging bridge, one of Kerala’s largest of its sort.

Learn About Nilambur’s History Through The Teak Museum

Kerala has had a long-standing relationship with teak. The cultivation and trade of teak in Nilambur existed right from the British Colonization period. The Teak Museum in Nilambur honours this long-standing bond by taking visitors on a unique journey through history, highlighting teak’s significance in our culture.

The ground floor of this museum is a dedicated research facility for the Kannimara tree which is the biggest living tree in Kerala. The Kerala Forest Research Institute operates this. You can also take a long stroll in their butterfly garden which is kept impeccably neat and tidy.

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Go On A Trek To Adyanpara Waterfalls

This natural waterfall is located in a small village that goes by the name Kurmbalangodu in the Nilambur district. It is an absolute delight. In the summers, the water does run dry but it still is a beauty. The falls’ waters tumble down over the hill’s rocks, surrounded by a lush diversity of vegetation that adds a charm. This can be a place to go on a trek on a nice and cosy day. It is best accessible by road.

Places You Must Check Out When You Visit Nilambur
Credits: Kerala Tourism

Attend The Nilambur Pattu Utsavam

This is something that nobody should miss out on. This festival is hosted every year during the Malayalam month of Dhanu which usually falls in January. The Pattutsavam, which began as a tribal celebration in the Nilambur Kovilakam, has grown into a major tourism event in the Malabar area. The Nilambur Pattu currently includes a ceremonial component that takes place at the Nilambur Vettakkorumakan temple. There are other festivities hosted by the temple committee as well as local businesses too. 

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Don’t Leave Town Without Having Broast

I have left the best for the last! This has long been a popular dish across the Malappuram District. It has especially become a massive hit in the recent past with the folks of Nilambur. It is no doubt the best version of crispy chicken. Broast’s USP is its garlic mayonnaise sauce that serves as a delicious dip. Currently, this town has over 15 restaurants in every corner of this place that serves what is otherwise known as ‘Broasted Chicken’.  I would personally vouch for this dish. Nilambur also caters to its own food app, ‘FudBee’ which delivers this fantastic dish whenever you are craving it.

Places You Must Check Out When You Visit Nilambur
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This is a list of my favourite things to do in this hidden gem of a town. I encourage you to visit us soon!

Reshma Ravindranath
A Finance graduate dabbling in a bit of writing and hoping to bring some cheer!

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