OTT Malayalam Movie Releases In October 2023

Let’s go through the movie gems that graced our screen this month. The following are Malayalam movie OTT releases that dropped in the month of October 2023:


Streaming on – Netflix

Directed by Mridul Nair, this action thriller stars Asif Ali, Sunny Wayne, and Vinayakan. The story follows a tale of gold smuggling, betrayal, and revenge. A car crash leaves two smugglers without their gold. To retrieve it, they must navigate Kerala’s underworld.


Steaming on – Sony LIV

The movie ‘Journey Of Love 18+‘ features Naslen K.Gafoor, Mathew Thomas, Meenakshi, Nikhila Vimal, Binu Pappu, and Saaf Bros, and is directed by Arun D Jose. The story revolves around Akhil, a dropout from a polytechnic institute who falls in love with Athira, the daughter of a prominent Left political leader in their region. Despite facing opposition from Athira’s family who are trying to separate them, they remain determined to be together and decide to elope and get married with the help of Rajesh, an experienced elopement facilitator.


Streaming on – Netflix

The movie RDX (Robert, Dony, Xavier) is directed by Nahas Hidayath, with stunts performed by the great Anbariv. Anbumani and Arivumani are a duo of brothers who excel as action choreographers in Tamil cinema. The film offers an action-packed thrill ride, providing non-stop high-octane excitement from beginning to end. The three lead roles are played by Shane Nigam, Antony Pepe Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav. The movie has grossed over Rs. 100 Crore in Kerala.

King of Kotha

Streaming on: Disney+Hotstar

Kannan bhai and his gang rule over a town that is plagued by criminal activities. Inspector Shahul devises a clever plan to overthrow their reign and get his revenge. His plan involves the return of a powerful figure known as the ‘King’, which leads to a significant change of events. Starring DQ, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Nyla Usha, King of Kotha is a one-time, entertaining watch.

Corona Dhavan

Streaming on – Saina Play

The movie is a comedy directed by C.C. Nithin in his directorial debut and written by Sujai Mohanraj. Lukaman and Sreenath Bhasi play the lead roles, while Johny Antony, Seema G. Nair, Sruthy Jayan, and Dharmajan Bolgatty appear in supporting roles. The story takes place in a village called ‘Anathadam’ and centres around a group of alcoholics who struggle to obtain liquor during the COVID-19 lockdown. The film is packed with humour and promises to be an entertaining watch.

Nadikalil Sundari Yamuna

Streaming on – HR OTT

The movie is a full-length comedy-drama that marks the directorial debut of Vijesh Panathur and Unni Vellora. The lead roles are played by Dhyan Sreenivasan and Aju Varghese, with supporting roles by Pragya Nagra, Kalabhavan Shajohn, Sudheesh, Sohan Seenulal, Nirmal Palazhi, and Aneesh Gopal. The story is set in a Kerala village where two rival political parties compete to carry out a local festival that involves sacrificing a wild boar. The characters Kannan (Dhyan Sreenivasan) and Vidhyadharan (Aju Varghese), both in search of brides, become entangled in a marriage competition, leading to hilarious complications.


Streaming on: Disney+Hotstar

Masterpeace is a 5-episode TV series that centres around the life of Riya and Binoy, a newly-wed couple residing in a luxurious apartment in Kochi. It humorously brings to light the common practice of parents interfering in their children’s personal lives, often giving uninvited counsel without truly understanding the situation. The movie highlights the impact of such meddling on the lives of the young couple and how it affects their relationship.

While you binge-watch this list, we’ll return with another list for the coming months soon!

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