New Films To Watch On Neestream Right Now

If you’re a person who relies on streaming platforms to overcome existential crises, you should check out Neestream. This OTT platform showcases a wide range of homegrown work by budding artists in the film industry. Here are our picks of new films to watch on Neestream throughout the week. Why wait for the weekend when you can watch it now?

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Piplantri is Shoji Sebastian’s debut film shot entirely in Rajasthan. It talks about the prevalence of female foeticide in India. Piplantri is a village in Rajasthan known to plant trees every time a girl child is born. It is in this, that the movie talks about a mother’s struggle to save her newborn’s life. Female foeticide is largely uncharted territory in Malayalam cinema, and that makes Piplantri the first Malayalam movie to portray female foeticide.

Freddie’s Piano 

Aakash Prabhakar’s Freddie’s Piano is about two half brothers, Aden and Freddie, their relationship, and what Aden does to get his younger brother a grand piano for Christmas.

Aakash won the award for best director at the Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati. Freddie’s Piano was also adjudged the best children’s feature film and best international feature film at the Indo-French International Film Festival 2021. The film was also screened at the Scottsdale International Film Festival 2020 and New York Indian Film Festival 2021.

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Alice in Panchalinadu

The heist thriller Alice in Panchalinadu, directed by Sudhin Vamattam, revolves around Alice, a Delhi resident who visits her ancestral home in Panchalinadu. This village in Idukki is infamous for being a hub of robberies.

Bollywood model Kamiya Alawat plays the titular role, while Ajay Mathew, who starred in films like King Liar and Take Off, plays the male lead. Ponnamma Babu, Anil Murali and Kalabhavan Jayakumar, among others, are part of the cast as well.


Koora is a campus suspense thriller, set on a campus in Chennai. It tells the story of Varthik, a student, who happens to see an extraordinary sight in the college library. He sees Jency Jaison (played by Keerthi Anand), a college senior, in a mysterious situation.

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The film opens to the 70th birthday of a mother who is welcomed with a piece of shocking news. Her sons decide to sell the ancestral property. Idam is set on the loneliness encountered by old age in modern society, especially for women. It introspects the conflicts faced by an old woman, tossed between love, selflessness and will. 


Harish Uthaman’s Tamil movie Ashvamithra tells the story of a disillusioned speech therapist entering a child’s world to heal her. He also finds himself healing in an unpredictable turn of events.

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Izhakal is a short film written and directed by Boney Jose. It is a story of two sisters, Devu and Chinnu. An unusual incident occurs one day in Devu’s house and Chinnu helps her escape from it. 

Break the Rules

Break the Rules is a short film about conversations between a leading criminal lawyer, Advocate B. A Sharma and Vijay, one of his old clients. Sharma saved Vijay a rape case and managed to reduce his prison sentence. The film is available on both the Neestream app and YouTube.

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A bachelor, Kumar quits his corporate job in Kochi to become a graphic novelist. He embarks on a new life as an Uber driver in Kochi while working on his graphic novel titled “Pixelia”. One day a transgender named Mandakini gets into his cab and that day changes Kumar’s life forever. Sanal Aman, who played the role of Kumar in the film, had received critical acclaim for his pivotal role in the film Malik directed by Mahesh Narayanan. It’s definitely one of the most interesting films to watch on Neestream.

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Kaakka addresses a pertinent issue that in Kerala, colourism. It explores the beauty within a person that lies beyond skin colour. Kaakka explores the experiences of living as a dark person, how society spurts unwanted remarks based on the look of a person, and what it means to love oneself.


The central character in the film is a thirteen-year-old girl named Insha who is confined to a wheelchair. The film revolves around Insha, her dream and the efforts of her three friends to make her dream come true. Dr Siju Vijayan, the director of the film, has been suffering from spinal muscular atrophy for the last six years and travels with the help of an electric wheelchair. The film captures the director’s vision like never before.

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Raman Thedunna Peruvazhiyambalam

The film is written and directed by Jayachandran Adinad. It offers a different visual experience that moves away from the familiar style of documentaries. The docufiction follows the life journey of the character Raman, who wanders through the intricacies of his life. What unfolds changes him.

Abhiyude Katha Anuvum

The film is directed by B R Vijayalakshmi, the first women cinematographer in Asia. Vijayalakshmi was the cinematographer for around 50 films in Tamil and Malayalam. The film was released in Tamil and Malayalam. The first half of the film is about the romance of Abhi and Anu and the second half talks about anti-abortion.

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Hope you liked our list of films to watch on Neestream. Let us know if you liked them as much as we did.

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