Murders That Took Place In Kerala In The Name Of Love

Did you know that love affairs in the third biggest cause of murders in India? The NCRB data shows that between 2001 and 2017, there was a steep rise in murders caused in the context of love. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan shared that in the past four years close to eight murders have taken place due to the rejection of proposals. Mind you, these are just registered cases. Here’s a couple of murders that took place in the name of love that shook the state of Kerala.

Rakhil & Manasa

Murders That Took Place In Kerala In The Name Of Love

On July 30, 32-year-old Rakhil barged into 24-year-old Manasa Madhavan’s rented accommodation, shot her dead and then killed himself.

Manasa was doing her house surgency at the Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences in Kothamangalam. As per the people who were aware of the relationship, Manasa had broken up with Rakhil two months ago. It has come to light that Manasa’s father had lodged a complaint because he was ‘stalking’ her.

He shifted from Kannur to Kothamangalam to track her movements. It is believed that Manasa was aware of this, and complained to her father who went on to file a police complaint. The DysP summoned Rakhil and his parents, who were let go with a warning.

Rakhil went back to Kothamangalam again, stalked Manasa without her knowledge for a month, and finally decided to shot her on July 30th. He then killed himself.

Neethu Murder

Nidheesh, an IT firm employee in Kakkanad, was allegedly in love with Chiyyaram native Neethu for three years. Neethu and Nidheesh even had a TikTok account ‘The Momu Vampire’ where they shared romantic videos. However, Neethu had rejected Nidheesh’s marriage proposal. To which, he responded by entering her house through the back door one day. He forcefully entered the bathroom and stabbed her on the neck, chest and stomach 12 times. He then poured petrol on her and set her ablaze.

After one-and-a-half years of court hearings, and 17 rejected bail petitions, the court found the accused guilty. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

19-Year-Old Murder

Murders That Took Place In Kerala In The Name Of Love

20-year-old Ajin Reji Mathew, a Kumbanad native had stabbed a girl, poured petrol on her, and set her ablaze in broad daylight. Ajin and the girl knew each other as they were classmates in Class XII. She had rejected his proposal so he decided to murder her, and commit suicide. But he was immediately caught by the police, and the court remanded the accused to be sent to the Mavelikkara sub-jail. The girl, however, died as had suffered 52 per cent burns.

Karthik & Akshatha

Karthik attacked Askshatha, a second-year BSc student at Nehru Memorial College in Sullia on her way from college. He followed her on his bike and stabbed her seven times before he fled. According to reports, Karthik wanted to commit suicide immediately after, but passersby prevented it and handed him over to the police. Askshatha was taken to KVG hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Karthik and Askshatha were classmates previously, but she rejected his proposal. He didn’t give up. So he dropped out of his Engineering course and joined her college. After continuously harassing her by sending her messages, she told him that she would lodge a complaint against him to the Principal. That’s when Karthik decided to commit this heinous crime.

Vineesh, Drishya, and Her Sister Devasree

Courtesy: Deshabhimani

Drishya and Vineesh knew each other as they studied in the same High School. Vineesh wanted her to be his partner, but Drishya did not reciprocate the same feelings. Vineesh even approached her family asking her hand in marriage. Drishya’s family went on to file a complaint against Vineesh. It is believed that both the parties reached a comprise where Vineesh would stop troubling Drishya.

However, Vineesh ended up trespassing Drishya’s house in the evening and stabbed Drishya to death while gravely injuring her sister Devasree. He is also suspected to have set fire to Drishya’s father’s shop to cause a distraction so that he could commit the murder. He was handed over to the Police.

Ajas &  Soumya Pushpakaran

Murders That Took Place In Kerala In The Name Of Love

Soumya Pushpakaran, a Civil Police Officer, was burnt to death by her colleague Ajas for rejecting his marriage proposal. They knew each other during their time at the Police Academy. Soumya had borrowed Rs 1.25 lakh from him. When she returned the money, Ajas did not accept it. Instead, he proposed marriage. Soumya, who was already married and had three children, rejected the proposal.

According to Soumya’s mother, Ajas had threatened to kill her daughter’s husband. He even had poured petrol on her and beaten her with shoes one day. She had informed the Vallikkunnam police about this. Soumya’s eldest son was also aware of this. Since her husband was employed aboard, he couldn’t do much to help her.

After attending a Student Police Cadet camp near Vallikunnam, Soumy was returning back home when her horrific murder took place. Ajas reportedly hit her scooter with his car, stabbed her, poured kerosene over her, and set her ablaze.

Anu & Ashika

Courtesy: Vantiha

21-year-old Anu barged into Ashika’s house, slit her throat, and ended his life in the same manner. Ashika, the daughter of daily wage earners was alone in the house when the incident happened. Upon hearing Ashika scream, the neighbours came rushing. Ashika was taken to Karakkonam Medical College and Anu to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. Both of them died.

According to official reports, they both were in a relationship but had parted ways. Anu ended up stalking Ashika, who then complained to the police. The issue was resolved along with their parents’ presence. But, unfortunately, Anu ended up murdering Ashika.

These are a few of the many cases of murders that took place in the name of love. These kinds of homicides are on the rise in Kerala. This rising pattern of such murders (or harassment) shows the kind of behaviour today’s youth imbibe. It’s important that we teach young children about consent. It’s important that we don’t glorify stalking or harassment in media or normal conversations. Young adults and even children take learning cues from external factors thinking it is ‘the right way’ to do things. But sometimes the right way may not always be the moral way.

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