Moufiya Parween Suicide: Husband and In-laws In Custody

Moufiya Parween, the 23-year-old LLB student, committed suicide because she could no longer stand the domestic abuse from her husband and in-laws. Despite approaching the police, there wasn’t any initiative taken to resolve the issue. Worried that there was no point in seeking help from the police, Mourfiya decided to end her life.

The suicide letter that surfaced online contained details about her fear and the lack of commitment from Circle Inspector C L Sudheer of the Aluva police station to help her out. Moufiya had filed a complaint to the Women’s Commission too.

The police officials have taken Moufiya’s husband, Muhammed Suhail, and his parents into custody. They were found in their relative’s place at Kothamangalam in Ernakulam. As per the reports, Suhail will be charged for abetment of Moufiya’s suicide.

The Circle Inspector mentioned in her suicide letter was removed from his post for his negligence. He allegedly called Moufiya’s and Suhail’s family for a compromise at the station instead of investigating the case. Apparently, the inspector spoke rudely to them without maintaining decorum and understanding the situation. 

After her suicide note leaked online, a senior official was asked to take over the case. 

In an interview with Mathrubhumi, Moufiya’s classmate Jovin shared that she was subjected to a lot of harassment from her husband’s family. Suhail had apparently claimed that he was working in the Gulf but quit his job after marriage to work in the movies. He would constantly be on the phone and not go to work. Problems started to arise between the couple soon. Moufiya was physically and mentally abused by him. In fact, she was forced to tattoo her body despite refusing to do so. Her in-laws pressured her family to buy a plot of land as dowry. Since Moufiya’s family wasn’t financially well-off and couldn’t give the dowry, they started to spread rumours that she was mentally unstable.

The investigation is ongoing. The Women’s Commission has also interfered in the matter. Hopefully, Moufiya Parween and her family will get justice.

Aishwarya Gopinath
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