The Suicide Note Of A Woman Who Suffered From Domestic Abuse Is Disheartening

Trigger Warning: Suicide

23-year-old Moufiya Parween committed suicide after she was unable to bear the domestic abuse she faced by her husband and in-laws. She hung herself at her house in Edayapuram in Aluva

Moufiya Parween was a law student at a private college in Thodupuzha. She had married Suhail whom she met on Facebook. Unfortunately, her marriage wasn’t really great as she faced a lot of abuse in her husband’s house. She had lodged a domestic abuse complaint against her husband and in-laws at the police station. Moufiya was with her father when she lodged the complaint. But the circle inspector allegedly did not take any drastic action. Apparently, they had called her and her husband’s family to the station for a compromise talk over her complaint.

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When Moufiya returned home after the discussions at the police station, she shut herself in her room. When she did not come out of her room, her family got worried. But, they were too late and found Moufiya’s body hanging.

The police officials recovered her suicide note where she has penned down her issues and the domestic abuse allegations against her in-laws and husband. It also mentions the lack of responsible action from the circle inspector even after filing a complaint.

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The Suicide Note Of A Woman Who Suffered From Domestic Abuse Is Disheartening

Her suicide note said,

“Sorry Papa, pardon me. What you said is right, he wasn’t right for me. I can’t live here because I don’t have the strength to listen to someone I loved more than anyone in this world. I don’t know what he will say if I die. He made me a mental patient. He will blame all my problems on these mental issues. I can’t bear it anymore. I suffered a lot. Even god will not forgive him. Finally, I was able to beat him. If I hadn’t done that, my conscience wouldn’t feel right. Suhail, his mother and his father are criminals. My last wish is to give them maximum punishment.”

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