Mohammed Salih: The Visual Artist Sharing Stories Through His Art

Every artist has their own way of evoking emotions through the stories they tell. Their art speaks volumes. What fascinates us is their creativity to weave a strong connection between their story and art. 23-year-old Mohammed Salih, a budding artist and designer from Thrissur, uses his art to focus on the quiet moments of his subject. He understands his subject wholly before committing to a piece of work. If you ask us, we need more of such artists who look deep into the layers to bring out the subtleties hidden within us. 

Mohammed Salih

Mohammed Salih is currently pursuing his Bachelors in BFA Fine Arts and works as a freelance Illustrator on the side. He shared, “During my second year, I started doing illustrations for a part-time job that I took up with a creative agency. TBH, before that, I had limited knowledge about the field of art. It was during that period of time that I learned more about the medium and developed confidence to draw and express myself better. I also had the opportunity to design a special jersey for Kerala Blasters, which was a great achievement in my career.”

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Every artwork has an inspiration. In fact, Mohammed Salih seeks his artistic inspiration from people and instances around him. He captures social issues, movies, posters, and portraits of those who inspire him. Salih further weaves his story by picking up on the nitty-gritties that usually goes unnoticed. He shared, “I take my time to do tons of research before I sit down to sketch. By including my subjects’ interests, work and past, I uncover subtle layers of their life to the world. I want people to recognize me with my style and the stories I portray.” 

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One of Mohammed Salih’s best works, and the one that he received a lot of appreciation for, is his Karikku artwork. He was able to bring Karikku’s iconic elements together to create a beautiful portrayal of their work so far. Hopefully, he’ll be able to do the same for us too. Just kidding. A lot of time, effort, and patience goes into the making of each artwork. For him, that’s happiness. 

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As a fresher in the field, he hopes to work with leading designers in a creative agency. He also wishes to learn more about art, and become the person he has always dreamed of. Let’s trade in moral support so that artists like Mohammed Salih are able to create more art and keep surprising us.

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