The Artistic Journey of Muhammed Sajid

Muhammed Sajid. Does the name strike a bell?

Recently, Muhammed Sajid was the talk of the town for his illustrations of futuristic masks inspired by his cultural roots. This creative designer based in Bangalore hails from a small village in Calicut, Kerala. His vibrant illustrations and differential approach to his work have definitely made him stand out from the crowd.

Muhammed Sajid

We got an opportunity to speak to Sajid, and understand his creative process. Read on!

What was your ‘light bulb moment’?

I started drawing when I was in the third standard. I got inspired by my mom. She drew a lot when I was a kid. After 12th, I realized that Science wasn’t my cup of tea, so I joined BFA.  And, there was no looking back since. 

When I joined college, I honestly didn’t like to do illustrations, because I didn’t know the possibilities and how to do it. However, when I pursued Bachelors in Fine Arts at Trivandrum Fine Arts College, it helped me understand the craft better and how to apply that talent as a professional artist.

How has your life in Kerala inspired your artwork in many ways?

I feel that every artist goes through the process of finding their voice and style; each one takes their own time. For me, my identity in art is greatly inspired by the town I am born in, Calicut in Kerala, and the culture that runs through it. It is the little things that add up to something beautiful. My place is full of greenery, and the beauty of it inspires me. I try to replicate some of the plants and other elements in my work.  That’s why some of my work has some natural elements, cultural inspirations, architectural feel, and some surreal approaches.

Can you tell us why you have an affinity for colourful illustrations?

I love colours. But don’t be mistaken, I do a lot of work that involves less colour. You see, much of my work is inspired by India’s rich culture, and that has a lot of colours. Maybe, that’s why I love using colours.

What’s the one project that you will always be proud of?

My personal project – “Folks from Kerala” – is something I am extremely proud of. It is about the living souls from Kerala. Kerala is a multicultural state where people from all ethnicities and religions live together in peace and harmony. I have come across several people from these cultures throughout my childhood. My project aimed to illustrate these characters and bring their story to life.

What does your work aim to say?

Culture, love, Existence, and Hope – All combined!

Do you think you see the world differently than non-artists?

I don’t think so, because I would say that all the people are artists. You don’t need to be producing art to be an artist. If you enjoy art, you’re an artist. If you can write your name, you’re an artist. Everyone has their own imaginations and concepts. We all are living in that.

How would you describe the artist within you?

I am a constant learner and a keen observer. I observe people. Anything and everything natural are my inspirations.

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