Mithai Waala Continues The Legacy Of Ambiswami

Whether it is a celebration, festival or any other special day in your life, the joy of the day begins with some delicious sweets. As sweets can stimulate the surge of pleasure within us, it is associated with the happy moments of people’s life. There are several places in Thrissur from where you can get quality sweets and payasams. But the taste and feel of Suresh Ambiswami’s sweets and payasams are much more connected with the foodie emotions of Thrissurites. Mithai Waala, the recent addition to Suresh Ambiswami’s catering service provides the best sweets in town.

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The Sweet Journey Continues…

Suresh Ambiswami’s father Ambiswami is one of the well-known caterers in Kerala. He is considered the founder of Palada Payasam, one of the most favorite desserts of Malayalees. Today his son Suresh Ambiswami keeps up the legacy of his food culture through his catering service. Mithai Waala, a recent addition to this catering service, is an exclusive place for sweets and payasams in Thrissur. The idea of Kerala’s first dessert cycle was initiated by Vivek Suresh, the son of Suresh Ambiswami.

Mithai Waala
Suresh Ambiswami

“The pandemic was the main reason behind kickstarting Mithai Waala. Like other sectors, Covid had badly affected catering services also. This made me think about Mithai Waala, an exclusive shop for Suresh Ambiswami’s special sweets and payasams, “ said Vivek Suresh. Vivek’s initial idea was to start Mithai Waala’s first outlet as a store. But the lack of funds lead to the idea of using tricycles to sell the products.“I’ve seen people selPaavbhaji on tricycles in Mumbai, and they are quite common there. So, I decided to start my venture in Tricycles here in Thrissur,” Vivek added.

Mithai Waala

The Delight of Mithai Waala

Mithai Waala started in October 2020. Different from the usual Palada and Ada Pradhaman Payasams, Mithai Waala has a wide variety of Payasams like pineapple Payasam, Carrot Payasam, papaya Payasam, Apple Payasam, etc. Along with these yummy Payasams, they also provide their special collections of sweets such as Gulab Jamun, Kesari, Rasamilai, Yellow Jalebi, Motichur Laddu, Bhadam Gheer, Lassi, etc. They use matka glasses and eco-friendly utensils. For their sweets, they use pure dairy products from their own farm. 

Due to limitations in tricycle sales and Covid-19 restrictions, the first store outlet of Mithai Waala is opening soon in East Fort, Thrissur. “People are still not aware of many of Ambiswami’s special sweets. So our store outlet will help us to introduce them to the public,” shared Vivek.

If you want to enjoy their yummy Payasams and delicious sweets, you can place your orders through their Instagram handle @mithai_waala or through Zomato.

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