Mirali Launches Onam Collection Inspired By Kerala’s Rich Heritage And History

The simple elegance of sustainable wear that champion handloom woven fabrics is nothing short of remarkable. Today, a new set of industry pioneers are consciously making an effort to be a part of the sustainable movement. Their take on the sustainable aesthetic while maintaining the authenticity of the fabric has taken a unique turn, in fact. Adding to this mix of eclectic, eco-conscious fashion creators is Kerala-based Mirali.

In an attempt to make consciously crafted fashion vogue for children, Mirali has stepped forward to mindfully craft and ethically produce luxe designs that highlight comfort. Their handloom clothes embody sustainability, eco-consciousness, high fashion and of course, the most comfortable traditional tinge. Each of the brand’s creations encapsulates comfort, modernity, and traditional roots. 

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Mirali Launches Onam Collection Inspired By Kerala’s Rich Heritage And History

With Onam on its way, Mirali has crafted designs that echo the traditions of this iconic festival. Their Onam collection, which they fondly call Urvi, tells the tale of generational artistry and traditional handloom designs. Each piece of clothing is inspired by Kerala’s rich heritage and history, fitting it with modern minimalism. Even though Mirali is a kids’ clothing brand, this Onam they have opened its fashion doors for the entire family. 

Mirali Launches Onam Collection Inspired By Kerala’s Rich Heritage And History

One of the best parts about shopping with Mirali clothing this Onam is that you support a weaver’s family in the process. Every fabric that they use is handwoven by the weavers of Balaramapuram. 

According to legend, it is believed that His Highness Maharaja Balaramavarma introduced the weavers of Balaramapuram to Kerala. Since then, the handloom industry started to boom. Members of the ‘Shaaliyar’ weavers’ community from Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu were welcomed to the state. The weavers in return made use of the cotton available in the market to make handwoven cotton garments for the royals of Travancore. Their tradition has for long been preserved and continues to date, even though it is a dying culture.

Ever since the 2020 COVID-induced lockdown, handloom industries in Kerala have struggled to keep their traditions alive. Mirali aims to recreate and restore the past glory of the Balaramapuram weaver and eventually reach out to different handloom weaving communities in the state.

Whilst Mirali’s line of clothes is aesthetically elegant, there’s also a story to be told behind each piece of clothing. The story of every weaver who handcrafted it. Each piece of clothing you buy will help preserve their traditional crafts for generations to come.

For minimal fashion that breathes and feels right, look no further than Mirali. 

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