Kuthampully Handlooms: A Hidden Handloom Gem In Kerala

The state of Kerala is not only famous for its culture and traditions but also for the various handmade products which are associated with the cultural heritage of Kerala. These products have great demand among people from different parts of the world. Kuthampully handlooms are one of the most valuable handicrafts of Kerala. People from different corners of the world reach out to Kuthampully to buy the authentic kasavu cloth made in the village of Kuthampully. 

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The village of Kuthampully is located at a distance of around 50 km away from Thrissur town. What makes this village unique is the traditional handlooms of its villagers. Hundreds of people in this village still engage in the traditional occupation of weaving Kasavu handloom clothes. These Kasavu clothes are worldwide famous. We can call Kuthampully village one of the best Kasavu handloom weaving places in Kerala.

The Short History of Kuthampully Village

The history of this village dates back to more than 500 years. The ancestors of this village belonged to modern-day Karnataka. The Kochi royal family brought them to Kerala to weave Kasavu clothes for the royal family. The present generation follows the same pattern as their ancestors and continues the legacy of Kuthampully handlooms. Today around 3000 people are engaged with the production of handloom clothes as small-scale entrepreneurs and by running cooperatives.

Kuthampully Handlooms

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Kasavu Double Dhoti, Set Mundu and Veshti, Set Saree, are some of the traditional and famous clothing items produced in the Kuthampully village. These days, villagers include some modern-day weaving techniques into their traditional setups. You will find unique designs and clothes available in Kuthampully stores for the customers. Traditional Sarees are one of the most selling items from Kuthampully. Sarees with modern trends, sarees with coloured borders, mural paintings, hand embroidery, etc. are also available.

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If you are someone who loves handlooms and traditional clothes, Kuthampully village is one of the must-visit places for you to explore.

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