Minor Girl In Kerala Gang Raped By Father’s Friends, Mother Tries To Cover It Up

A 12th-standard student from Kerala’s Thrissur district shared that she was allegedly gang raped by her father’s friends when her parents weren’t home. The 16-year-old revealed this to her school teacher, who later informed the district police authorities to take immediate action.

The 16-year-old’s father, as per sources, is known to be a local drug dealer. The three friends would visit her father and would often buy ganja from him. When her parents were away, they allegedly gang raped the girl. A medical examination has confirmed that an assault has taken place.

Even though the girl revealed it to her mother, she didn’t do anything about it. Rather, she tried to cover it up. That’s when the minor girl mustered up the courage to reveal it to her teacher, two months after the incident took place.

A case has been filed against the parents for failing to protect their daughter. One of the three accused has been arrested. The police officials will be able to nab the other two soon as they have leads. The girl has been shifted to a safe space for now. The child welfare commission has intervened and has asked the police to draft a detailed report of the investigation.

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