Mannalamkunnu Beach: A Scenic Escape You Didn’t Know Of

Seashells, seashores, blue skies, blue waters and the silky sun; a camaraderie made in heaven.  The musical sound of the waves gushing against each other is indescribable. There’s absolutely nothing a good beach day cannot fix. Kerala is indeed blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. From Snehatheeram to Kovalam to Varkala, the list is long. Well, for folks in Thrissur, Mannalamkunnu Beach might just be what they need to ‘seas’ their days! 

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Mannalamkunnu Beach

Located at Punnayur Panchayat on the Western Coast of Kerala, Mannalamkunnu Beach is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the Thrissur district. It is about 3 kilometres away from Punnayurkulam, which is home to many award-winning writers like Balamani Amma, Kamala Das and Nalappattu Narayana Menon. The beach is located about 40 kilometres away from Thrissur town and is only a 10-kilometre drive from Chavakkad town. 

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What sets Mannalamkunu beach apart from the others is its scenic setting and visuals. The beach shore is shaded by beautiful pine trees, a rare sighting for most tourists. The pine trees add to the elegance and beauty of the beach which is indeed very visually pleasing. Another aesthetic site at the beach is a little canal running between the shade of many crowded pine trees. The spot is perfect for some cool shade stunner photos to amp up your Instagram game

Mannalamkunnu Beach

Early mornings or late afternoons are the best timings to perfectly capture the beach in its full glory. The beach is mostly occupied by just around twenty people at a given time, making it basically devoid of any crowd. 

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Mannalamkunnu Beach is the absolute spot for your weekend escapade! Its scenic, calm and quiet surroundings are sure to floor anyone. So go get your gang and say beach, please.

Here’s how you can reach the destination.

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