Malayalam Films That Made Us Crave Certain Food Items

In Malayalam cinema, we have seen numerous scenes where the main characters either prepare or enjoy meals. Certain dishes depicted on screen can evoke a distinct feeling in viewers and make them long for that specific food. This could be due to how the food is presented in the film, how it is described, or simply how the character relishes it. In this article, I will highlight a few movies that made us crave certain dishes showcased or discussed in the story.

Red Velvet Cake from Premam

Premam is a Malayalam cinema industry blockbuster that became a trendsetter amongst youth. The film gained a cult following for its iconic dialogues and the fan base that Sai Pallavi received. Nivin Pauly’s unique style of sporting a beard and wearing a black shirt-white dhoti also became popular. However, the film also set a trend for a food item – red velvet cakes. Although rarely found in Kerala or anywhere in the country, red velvet cakes became a common cake flavor post the film’s release. In one of the movie’s scenes, Madonna Sebastian’s character, Celine, is seen relishing a red velvet cake baked by George, played by Nivin Pauly. The close-up shot of the cake and Madonna’s slow depiction of how she eats it is enough to make viewers crave that particular slice of cake. Since the film’s release, red velvet cakes have become increasingly popular and one of the most sought-after cake flavors.

Bun Porotta from Hridayam

The movie Hridayam not only gave Pranav Mohanlal a chance at redemption but also made viewers crave bun porottas. In a particular scene, Arun casually asks Nithya (played by Kalyani Priyadarshan) if she has ever tried bun porotta. When she responds negatively, Arun takes her out to try it. The sequence that follows is beautifully staged and shot, showing the process of making the bun porottas, serving them warm with curry, and Nithya relishing the taste. This scene became popular among viewers, with many searching for the dish in restaurants or attempting to make it at home. Vineeth even shared a post about trying the dish, encouraging others to give it a try.

Rainbow Cake from Salt n Pepper

The movie had its share of hilarious and emotional moments, but the baking of the rainbow cakes truly stole the show. The sequence is backed by a historical storyline that beautifully depicts the growing bond between Kalidaasan (played by Lal) and Maya (played by Shweta Menon). The narration by Lal and the stunning visuals of the cakes being prepared and baked are enough to make anyone crave a slice. The scene where Kalidaasan and Maya take a bite of the cakes is particularly delightful, with their reactions sure to make viewers’ mouths water.

Malabari Chicken Biriyani and Sulaimani from Usthad Hotel

The movie Usthad Hotel showcases an array of delicious food items visually pleasingly. However, it’s the Malabari Chicken Biriyani cooked by Kareem Ikka, portrayed by the talented Thilakan, that leaves us craving for a mouth-watering biriyani. The scenes of the biriyani being served at the restaurant and the way it’s prepared in Kareem Ikka’s kitchen make us yearn to visit a restaurant and order a Malabari Chicken Biriyani. Apart from the biriyani, the movie also features the famous Sulaimani tea being prepared by Kareem Ikka, a drink that he himself enjoys. The close-up shots of the tea being poured into a glass from a kettle and Kareem Ikka handing it over to Faizi, played by Dulquer Salmaan, while they talk about love, make the audience crave a glass of Sulaimani tea.

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Porotta and Beef Fry from Godha

The movie Godha is a delightful mix of humor and heartwarming moments that leave a lasting impression on the audience. One particular scene stands out, where Tovino’s character Aanjaneya Das describes the art of making Porotta and Beef Fry, a favorite dish among Malayalis. Bala Saravanan’s character Pandi can’t help but react to the mouth-watering recipe. The scene is beautifully written by Rakesh Mantodi and accompanied by the sounds of cooking preparation in the background, adding to its charm. Tovino’s passionate description of the cooking process makes this scene a highlight of the movie, leaving viewers craving a plate of Porotta and Beef Fry.

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Have you ever watched a movie that made you crave a particular food? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below!

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