Lesser-known Appearances of Popular Malayalam Actors – Part 2

If we explore the career graph of some of Malayalam movie industry’s most bankable actors, it is evident that most of them did not earn their fame overnight. Some of them started young and then took a hiatus from the show biz, while a few others were around for a lot longer than you think, performing uncredited or supporting roles. Today we churn out part 2 to the list of lesser-known appearances of such popular Malayalam actors.

Joju George

Today, he is one of the actors who has carved his own niche. Probably our oldest memory of Joju George is him appearing in some of the Nivin Pauly movies such as1983 and Neram. Not many know that his acting credits debut dates back almost two and a half decades ago. His first on-screen appearance was in the 1995 movie Mazhavilkoodaram. His stint with the camera is quite a brief one, so you should do away with blinking while watching this scene to catch his glimpse!  

Aparna Balamurali

The chirpy Jimsy of Maheshinte Prathikaram was a game-changer for this talented actress, but not many of them would recall watching her in the movie Yathra Thudarunnu. In this movie, which was her debut, she plays the daughter of Irshad and Lakshmy Gopalaswamy. Though this movie was shot in 2012, it was released years later in 2017.


Of course, we all remember seeing him as Romy in Chathikantha Chandu. But that was almost a decade after he ventured into acting. Quite interestingly, he got his start in the Mohanlal starrer Maanthrikan where he was spotted as the doppelganger of Michael Jackson. He played the role of a gipsy dancer and can be seen grooving incessantly during the conversation happening in this scene.


Long before he proved his calibre in acting and catapulted to fame, Indrans appeared in various movies in a number of uncredited roles. One such example is the 1987 Padmarajan movie Nombarathi Poovu where he is spotted in the opening scene of the movie as one of the passengers deboarding a bus. This is literally a blink-and-you-miss-it appearance, so be sure to keep your eyes wide open for this one!

Prayaga Martin

Prayaga’s acting career started earlier than you think it did. No, we’re not talking about Ustad Hotel where she played the role of Nithya Menen’s sister. We’re referring to the movie Sagar Alias Jacky which was her official debut. In this movie, the then-7th-grader Prayaga Martin appeared as a child artist in a minor role where she played the sister of Sumit Naval’s character. 

Lesser-know Appearances of Popular Malayalam Actors Pragya Martin


Remya Nambeesan

You would surely reminisce her memorable performances in the movies Traffic and Chappa Kurishu. But not sure how many of you would remember her on-screen performance in Narendran Makan Jayakanthan Vaka as Narendran’s younger sister. It wasn’t a huge part, but this Sathyan Anthikad movie is her second Malayalam movie, and she landed this when she was just 15. She soon followed it up with supporting roles in movies like Gramophone and Perumazhakalam.


At least some of you would be stunned to hear that Meena has been around in the movie industry for almost four decades. She kicked off her career as a child artist in Tamil and Telugu movies, and her debut performance in Malayalam was alongside Mammooty in the movie Oru Kochu Katha Aarum Parayatha Katha. Somehow we feel that her facial features haven’t changed over the years!

Nithya Menen

Who thought that Hollywood would beckon Nithya Menen to embark on her acting career?! Before she transformed into the talented actress that she is today, with a filmography that boasts of her presence in all South Indian languages, she bagged a tiny role in a Hollywood flick. Nithya was all of 8 when she appeared in an uncredited role in the movie The Monkey Who Knew Too Much. She played the role of Tabu’s younger sister and looks utterly cute in this video here.


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