Lesser-known Appearances of Popular Malayalam Actors

There are those artists, like Baby Sanoosha, who literally grew up in front of our eyes. Those kids whom we’ve seen sliding from childhood to adolescence to adulthood, while not falling off the map! There are also those artists, like Baby Shalini, who slipped off the spotlight after a certain age and then hit the big screen as lead actors. Now, there is a third category of artists who are stellar stars today, but they are hardly remembered for their earlier, lesser-known appearances in cinema. Let’s take a look at 8 such stars who were seen as child/junior artists in movies, long before they rose to fame.


Indrajith Sukumaran

My earliest memory of Indrajith Sukumaran is the sly sub-inspector Eapan Pappachy from Meesa Madhavan. But apparently, his first appearance was not that. Neither was it as the villain in Oomapenninu Uriyada Payyan. Indrajith was first seen in the movie Padyani as the young version of Mohanlal! In this song, you can spot him eyeing the birthday cake and getting pretty disappointed at not being fed first. 

Keerthi Suresh

I wonder how it would have felt to have Dileep act as your father-figure in one movie, only to have him as your hero twelve years later. Who would have thought this teenager in Kuberan would grow up to conquer hearts and National Awards through her spectacular performances.


Though Jomol shot to popularity with her roles in Punjabi House, Mayilpeelikavu, and Niram, little do people know that she started out as a child artist in Malayalam movies. Her first movie was Vadakkan Veeragadha where she portrayed the young Unniyarcha. She went on to act in movies such as Anagha and My Dear Muthachan before taking a six-year hiatus. 

Fahadh Faasil

Whoever thought Fahadh Faasil would make it to this list of less-known appearances of actors? Not when we’re all quite certain that Kaiyethum Doorethu was his first movie. Except that it wasn’t! Fahad’s earliest appearance dates back to 1992 where he can be seen among the kutty pattalam in the song Kaakka Poocha from the movie Pappayude Swantham Appoos. Don’t miss the green shirt clad little cutie enjoying the merry-go-round ride and singing “La la la” when the camera zooms in on him. 


 Samvritha Sunil

Yes, Fahadh’s co-star in Diamond Necklace is next on this list! Long before Samvritha Sunil made her official debut through the Dileep starrer Rasikan, the actor was spotted in the movie Ayal Katha Ezhuthukayanu as one of the youngsters in the background, gaping at Nandini who could go hysterical any minute. This is one of her lesser-known appearances as she comes on-screen for just a few seconds.

Biju Menon

Biju Menon started acting earlier than you thought! His role as a hotel receptionist in the 1991 Malayalam movie, Eagle happens to be his first cameo. While the role is as forgettable as the movie, he can be easily identified in this shot. Then again, it is quite bizarre to watch him speak in any voice that’s not his own. One of his lesser-known appearances, for sure!


Prior to gaining the status of a highly-talented and reputed actor of the Malayalam film industry, Jayasurya was seen in a range of uncredited roles such as a reporter in Pathram and a bus conductor in Grama Panchayathu. In this scene from the movie Dosth, I was pretty appalled to see him getting beaten to a pulp by Dileep’s character.  

Divya Unni

Pookalam Varavayi was a movie that undeniably belonged to Baby Shamili. We already know that Kavya Madhavan’s acting career started with this movie. But how many of you were able to spot Divya Unni in this movie? You can see her for about two seconds as a little kid, clapping her hands and singing along to the chorus of the bus driver’s song. 

Are there appearances that we’ve missed out? Let us know in the comments section!


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