Kerala Government Plans To Build Studio Apartments Across The State For Working Women

In order to ensure a safe environment for working women, the Kerala Government has decided to set up studio apartments across Kerala. The main objective behind it is to ensure that working women are able to live in a safe space when they shift to a new place for work.

The Bhavanam Foundation Kerals (BFK) is responsible for ensuring this project’s success. BFK, which falls under the Department of Labour and Skills is known to “provide, promote, develop and establish residential accommodation, other associated infrastructure and services to labourers, workers and low-wage employees in Kerala.”

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The pilot project has already been initiated at the KINFRA International Apparel Park campus near Menamkulam. The studio apartments will have decent lodging facilities. It will be rented out to women labourers working in the unorganised sectors. Phase One of the project, which is currently ongoing, will entail a six-storey studio apartment complex with 130 units.

Labour Minister V Sivankutty also shared that they will soon begin expanding the ‘studio apartments’ project across Kerala, depending on the availability of the funds.

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