Kerala Boy Mistakes Train Exit Door For Toilet

10-year-old Mohammed Ishan, a Malappuram native, was having a normal day until he had to go to the toilet on a moving train. He supposedly wanted to go to the toilet but happened to open the train exit door instead of the toilet door. The incident occurred at midnight (at around 11.54 pm).

The boy’s family was travelling from Thiruvananthapuram to Nilambur on the Kochuveli-Nilambur Rajya Rani Express. They were returning back to their hometown (in Pullippadam in the Malappuram district) after attending a wedding.

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It is believed that Mohammed Ishan fell off the train as he opened the train exit door without realising it. When the family took to his absence, they sensed something was wrong. They soon realised that he must have fallen off the train and immediately pulled the emergency chain and stopped the moving train.

Ishan’s body was found and taken to the nearby hospital where the hospital staff declared him dead.

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