A Family In Kerala Hosted A Wedding For Their Dogs

Yes, it’s true! A 2-year-old beagle named Acid was married off to Jaanvi in a wedding ceremony held at Kunnathurmana at Punnayurkkulam. Shelly PK and their family, the owners of the dogs, took care of all the arrangements for the wedding. While some may find this really absurd, others were left with a melted heart as they scrolled through the pictures.

A Family In Kerala Hosted A Wedding For Their Dogs

Shelly PK and the family chose the auspicious month of Kani to fix the wedding as it is the mating season of dogs. The wedding ceremony, like a typical Kerala wedding, was held between 11 am and 12 pm. The event also saw the accompaniment of nadaswaram and kuravayidal. After which, guests were served lunch. Since Acid and Jaanvi loves chicken biriyani and chicken fry, all the invitees were served the same to commemorate the event.

The family had hired an event management company to take care of the wedding, including setting up a studio for the photo shoot.

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In an interview, Akash, Shelly’s son, shared, “To my parents, he is their third son after my brother Arjun and myself. As he attained the age for mating, they wanted to find a suitable partner for him and conduct a wedding.”

It took close to a year to find Jaanvi, the perfect match for Acid. Jaanvi came into their lives after a dog trainer, Kanakanchery Subeesh Bhaskar, introduced the family to her. Shelly shared, “Both of [the dogs] are born to champions in the canine club contests. They have the same shapes and markings, and other similarities. The bridegroom was kept in a boarding house for three months under the supervision of the dog trainer.”

Acid and Jaanvi

Many people did question the family’s intentions as they couldn’t articulate the thought of having dogs wedded. The family wanted to share their love for Acid and Jaanvi by celebrating their love, and that’s what mattered the most to them. Akash and Arjun, therefore, decided to make it a wholesome wedding event.

We’re definitely pawstruck!

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