Kavu And Momo’s Kerala Travel Guide In Little Things Season 4

Dhruv and Kavya’s real romance in Little Things has to be the reason why when the first season dropped in 2016, 14 million viewers watched it. Netflix India dropped the (bittersweet) season 4 of Little Things and we’re as overwhelmed as you are. But hey, we all deserved closure and the couple gave it to us. More than that, we were really overjoyed that they shot Little Things season 4 in Kerala, our home state. The beauty of Kerala, as shown in the series, is stunning, isn’t it? 

Kavu And Momo’s Kerala Travel Guide In Little Things Season 4

We thought, well, why not create a Kavu and Momo travel guide to Kerala, and trace their adventurous footsteps. Maybe, this could be your calling to explore the beauty that is Kerala. Shall we go on a quest to God’s Own Country through Kavu’s and Momo’s shoes?

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First Stop: Alappuzha

Who wouldn’t want to visit the mesmerising backwaters of Alappuzha and experience the calmness of the algae-coloured waters? There are a couple of cruise routes that travellers can opt for. You can sail along the Alappuzha to Alappuzha route, Alappuzha to Kumarakom route, Alappuzha to Kottayam route, Alappuzha to Thottappally route, Alappuzha to Mankotta route, and Alappuzha to Alumkadavu. Each route takes you to different places that are iced with acres and acres of greenery. These are specifically for cruises. 

Kavu And Momo’s Kerala Travel Guide In Little Things Season 4

If you want to explore the backwaters the local way, just as Kavu and Momo did, hop on to one of the nearest available state-run ferries. These ferries are available for all budgets, but hey, the low-cost ones are often the most fun. 

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Second Stop: Munnar

There are a couple of ways you can head to Munnar from Alleppy. The fastest would be by car, which will take you close to four hours. By bus, which is cheaper, would take you close to six-seven hours. If you head over to the Alleppy KSRTC bus stand, you will find a bunch of buses headed over to Munnar. Check the timings of the buses here.

Kavu And Momo’s Kerala Travel Guide In Little Things Season 4

No trip in Kerala would feel complete without a trip in the KSRTC. It’s definitely the Kulkarni style travelling. You can view the pristine valleys and hill ranges as you travel towards Munnar, breathing in the cool breeze. Don’t forget to carry tucks just in case you get hungry.

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church Munnar

The St. Thomas church was built by the workers of the tea gardens surrounding the church. Your escapade in Munnar begins here as you find tranquillity within the church and in-between tea draped gardens. The tea plantations cascading down the hills is a sight to see.

Kavu And Momo’s Kerala Travel Guide In Little Things Season 4

Madupetty Dam Pedal Boating Centre

One word: Breathtaking! This place is one of the most visited tourist spots in Munnar. A pedal boat ride with your bae comes with postcard views of turquoise blue waters and the valley. The chirping of the birds is complimentary with the deal. 

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Third (And Final) Stop: Fort Kochi

Kochi pazhaya Kochi alla! Even Momo and Kavu agrees!

Cycle through the narrow, colourful, quaint lanes of Fort Kochi and explore the local culture like never before. The spice markets on the way to Mattancherry, the European style houses, Jew street, Paradesi Synagogue, Princess Street, fishermen working with their Chinese fishing nets are sites worth visiting while on your cycle. The best place to see the workings of the Chinese fishing nets is from the Vasco da Gama Square.

Fort Kochi Kerala

Perhaps even more rewarding is the cute cafes nearby that you can stop by. Immerse yourself in the beautiful busy life of Kochikaar, and you’ll have an experience worth boasting about.

Of course, there are more places to visit in Kerala, but Kavu and Momo had only a few days to explore. Hope you liked their adventurous trail, and don’t forget to watch the culmination of their love story (Little Things Season 4) on Netflix India.

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