Kandittund! – A Tale Of Kerala’s Supernatural Beings

Everyone loves hearing a good story. Especially if it is about familiar supernatural beings, as said by someone who is an expert at telling cock-and-bull stories. And that’s why you must watch Kandittund!

Studio Eeksaurus’ 12-minute animated short takes you to the world of rural Kerala where the supernatural lurks in every corner. The animation is in black and white, in a style that reminds you of the comic strips you read in newspapers as a child, and sets the right tone to depict the eerie nights that form the stage for fantastical events.

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Kandittund! Adithi Krishnadas

The icing on the cake, however, is the voiceover that seems effortless and conversational. From the semi-divine ‘Kuttichathan’ to the malicious ‘Neetarukola’, the tales narrated in this short might seem familiar to you, for they all sound like ‘muthasshikadhakal’ you’ve heard from your elders.

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Kandittund! Adithi Krishnadas

The sories in Kandittund! were, in fact, told to Suresh Eriyat (the founder of Studio Eeksaurus) by his father P.N.K. Panicker. P.N.K. Panicker claims to have had these supernatural experiences, and the team at Eeksaurus spun these stories into a fun take on Kerala’s supernatural scene.

The animated short has gone on to gain international acclaim and has won the Satoshi Kon Award For Excellence in Animation at Fantasia International Film Festival (FIFF) Awards 2021. The Fantasia International Film Festival was founded in 1996 in Canada and is known for highlighting genre films. Kalp Sanghvi, filmmaker and animator, who announced the award said, “This film instantly stuck to me in terms of its graphic style. Lovely visuals and brilliant portrayal of the haunting experiences of a father with the use of humour.”

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Kandittund! was animated by Adithi Krishnadas, along with Oorjit BS, Vibha Rao, Sankha Mazumdar, and Sushrita Bhattacharjee. Suresh Eriyat was the creative director and Nilima Eriyat was the executive producer of the short. The background music was provided by Nandhu Kartha, and the sound design was done by Resul Pookutty and Vijaykumar. Bibin Dev was the re-recording mixer. Sound editing was done by Vijaykumar and Krishnanunni K. J, and compositing by Shrobontika Dasgupta.

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