5 Haunted Places In Kerala

God’s own country is also home to the Odiyan and the Yakshi. So it is bound to have some spooky stories, right? Well, it does, and there are quite a few places that seem to be haunted. So if you’re someone who has nerves of steel, you should add these to your “places to visit” list.

Here are 5 haunted places in Kerala.

Bonacaud Bungalow

Located 55kms from Thiruvananthapuram, Bonacaud Bungalow was built 68 years ago, during the Colonial era. The Britisher who built it moved in with his family. But tragedy seems to have struck them as their 13-year old child was murdered one night. Overcome by sorrow, the couple went back to their homeland, leaving the cursed building behind.

People have seen and heard the spirit of the child roaming the building at night since then. The house was abandoned and labelled as haunted. The neighbours say that they hear shrieks in the dead of the night. Would you dare to spend a night in this place?

Athirappilly Forest

Athirappilly is famous for its waterfalls and the surrounding greenery. But before you decide to pitch an overnight camp here, you should know about the ghost of the boy that roams the forest. No one knows who this boy is or what happened to him. The boy appears in the night and is seen staring at travellers. However, this spirit is said to be non-malicious and does not cause harm.

So if you’re the adventurous type, Athirappilly is a place that you’d want to consider for your next camping trip.

Lakkidi Gateway

Do you remember “Thamarassery churam” from Vellanakalude Naadu? Well, the Lakkidi gateway is the shortest route across that Thamarassery churam. Located in the Wayanad district of Kerala, Lakkidi gateway is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man named Karinthandan.

In the Colonial era, the British were going around the country charting maps and routes. One such Britisher is said to have sought the help of a local named Karinthandan to find a way to Wayanad through the hills. After achieving his objective, the Britisher is said to have murdered Karinthandan to take all the credit for finding the route. And Karinthandan’s ghost has haunted the area since.

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Karinthandan’s spirit was seen by many and after incessant complaints from travellers, a mantravadi was called and the spirit was imprisoned to a tree. It is said that the spirit was infused to a chain and tied to the tree Locals claim that the chain has kept growing with the tree.

Perandoor Canal

Perandoor canal is said to be haunted by the ghost of Vadhutha Mathai. Vadhutha Mathai had abused a girl and when she complained to the Raja of Edappally, he was executed. Mathai was hanged to death near a culvert across the canal and his spirit seems to have stayed there.

The locals believe in the power of this spirit so much that fishermen make offerings to Vadhutha Mathai before they set out.

Kariavattom Campus Road

The Kariavattom campus road at Thiruvananthapuram is said to be haunted and people have reported seeing a figure twice the height of a human being walking around at night.

Things are supposed to be even spookier around the Hymavati pond; named after a girl who committed suicide by drowning herself there.

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That was our list. Did we miss out on a haunting? Let us know in the comments section below.

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