K-Drama Shows To Watch On Netflix In 2021

With theatres closed and people retreating to the safety of their homes, the COVID pandemic has caused a significant rise in the use of OTT platforms. This has also enabled people to discover and explore movies and shows in different languages. Foreign Shows like Narcos, Money Heist and Dark are widely popular in India and this essentially proves that language is never a barrier to entertainment these days. And hence, we thought we’d list down our favourite K-drama shows on Netflix.

In recent years, the Korean wave or the Hallyu Wave has taken the world by storm. The insane popularity of K pop with dedicated fan bases across the country, the rapid increase in the purchase of K beauty products and Korean cuisines like Ramen and Kimchi are proof of the colossal impact of the Hallyu Culture. 

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Korean Dramas or K-dramas, the Korean Soap Operas or series are universally loved, owing to their refreshing format and the wide variety of genres they offer; from thrillers to romance to action to fantasy, you can name it. Most of these dramas are concluded in a season with just around 15 to 25 episodes and are perfect for binge-watching. Korean Dramas also give utmost importance to music which is evident from the beautiful OSTs ( Original Sound Track) backing them. Not to forget the top class fashion and the lip-smacking food, these dramas are drool-worthy indeed.

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Now for all of you who are planning to dive into the world of K-dramas, we have the perfect list of K-drama shows on Netflix to get you started. We assure you that two dramas in, you would already have duo lingo installed on your phones and an unquenching thirst to try the heavenly Korean cuisine. Grab your chopsticks and here we go. 

Motivational/Drama: Itaewon Class (2020)

Immensely gripping and motivating, Itaewon Class focuses on the life of Park Sae- ro-yi , an ex-con who wants to own a street bar in the city of Itaewon, to take revenge on a business tycoon who is responsible for his father’s death. It showcases mind-blowing performances from its cast which includes the very popular Park Seo Joon. The soundtrack of the series is exceptional with an array of soulful songs. A special track from the series is Sweet Night, rendered by V of BTS. Itaewon Class undoubtedly tops our watchlist of K-drama shows on Netflix.

Also recommended in Motivational/Drama: At a Distance, Spring is Green, Start-Up, Record Of Youth, and Hospital Playlist

Fantasy/Romance: The King – Eternal Monarch (2020)

How can we possibly not recommend a drama starring the legendary, Lee min ho? Lee min Ho definitely paved the way for the popularity of K-dramas owing to his charismatic screen presence and immensely popular dramas. His latest, The King- Eternal Monarch would probably be his career-best. It portrays the story of King Lee Gon played by Lee- Min- Ho, from a parallel universe, who discovers an alternate reality through the mythical doors opened by his evil half-uncle. The story unfolds as he meets a police officer from the alternate universe and dives deeper into his past. The cinematography is extraordinary and the whole vibe is so classy and elegant, it’s love at first sight. You definitely cannot miss this one out.

Also recommended in Fantasy: Goblin (The Guardian), Legend Of The Blue Sea, My Roommate is a Gumiho, and Tale of the Nine-Tailed.

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Rom-Com: Fight For My Way (2017)

Funny and beyond adorable, Fight For My Way is just the perfect rom-com binge you need to lift your spirits up. Starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won, the chemistry between the lead pair is absolutely charming. It features the story about two childhood best friends who are struggling to achieve their dreams and how love finds its way amidst all the chaos. There is no nerve-wracking suspense that requires you to work your brains. It’s just the perfect cutesy little drama to light up your evening. 

Also Recommended in Romance: Extraordinary You, Lovestruck In The City, Coffee Prince, A Love So Beautiful, Secret Garden, Touch Your Heart, Crash Landing On You, and Descendants of The Sun.

Thriller: Sweet Home (2020)

Sweet Home revolves around the tale of a world that is nearing apocalypse, with humans turning into monsters. It features Song Kang in the lead, who delivers an outstanding performance as a teenager fighting to survive the chaos while holding on to humanity. As the show sails through several mind-blowing and heartbreaking scenes, it constantly keeps viewers on the edge. Season one ends on a riveting cliffhanger and fans are beyond excited for season two. Sweet Home contains a lot of gore so viewers discretion is advised. 

Also Recommended in Thriller/Suspense: Squid Game, Hell is Other People, Kingdom, Vagabond, Bad Guys, and Vincenzo

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Guilty Pleasures: Nevertheless (2021) 

“Na-bi Boro Golle?” 

(Do You Want To Go See Butterflies )  

This iconic dialogue from the popular drama Nevertheless is definitely the pickup line of the year. Let’s get it straight, the story is a cliche romance revolving around Yu Na-Bi , an art major played by the beautiful Han-So-Hee and the University’s heartthrob Park-Jae-On played by the charming Song Kang. As Jae-On does not want to commit to relationships and leaves Na-bi constantly confused, the plot follows the gradual growth of their relationship. The scenes between the lead couple are sure to give you butterflies in your stomach but there are no takeaways from it as the relationship between the couple is extremely toxic. But we are all suckers for a guilty pleasure, aren’t we? Nevertheless, Nevertheless is irresistible with a breathtaking array of songs, OST’s and outstanding aesthetics. Take our cue and go watch it right now.

Also recommended Guilty Pleasures: Boys Over Flowers (The Legend of Kdramas, utterly cringeworthy, watch at your own risk), The Heirs, and True Beauty

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The world of K-dramas is indeed fun and beautiful, and these were just a few of our favourite K-drama shows on Netflix. Try taking a break from your mainstream English shows and dive into some of our suggestions. Until then “Annyo, Ghamsaamhida!” (Bye, Thank you!).

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