In-car Dining: The New Trend In Kerala

Who said you need to enjoy good food in the comfort of a restaurant? For the first time, Kerala has introduced in-car dining, where customers can have restaurant food in their parked car. The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) introduced this initiative to reduce the risk of spread while dining in public spaces. This is a fairly new concept that has gained attention ever since the pandemic.

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Customers can place their orders at KTDC’s Aahaar Restaurants in their cars and get food served to them directly. All these restaurants will follow Covid-19 safety protocols. The In-car dining service will cover breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. To pilot test the efficacy of the initiative, a select few Aahaar Restaurants will kickstart in-car dining services in Kottarakara, Kuttipuram, Kannur Dharmasala. Since the restaurants are located on highway routes, it’s a convenient option for travellers to dine in-car as they travel through these routes. All you have to do is let the resturant know your order, and wait in the car while they prepare it for you. If the project proves to be successful, the Government might consider launching this initiative in other restaurants.

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“Instead of dining inside a restaurant and mingling with the crowd, the in-car dining initiative will ensure safety to the tourists coming to Kerala.,” shared State Tourism Minister PA Mohammed Riyas. Apart from this, there is a plan to launch floating restaurants in a few destinations. Kadalundi in the Kozhikode district will be the first destination to have a floating restaurant soon.

We’ve all seen how effective drive-through vaccination centres have been. It is a safe, convenient way for the public to get vaccinated while following social distancing norms. The same formula is applied in in-car dining so that people can get access to restaurant food and enjoy it in the comfort of their car.

Aishwarya Gopinath
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