Hempverse: The Kerala Brand Making Hemp-based Products Popular In India

Jerin Raju, a hemp-based entrepreneur and researcher and Sreejith, an Engineer with a passion for sustainable living, started Hempverse to introduce India to hemp-based products. More than that, they inspire to revolutionise hemp as a ‘the plant’ that can create a climate-friendly future.

Most brilliant ideas can be traced back to an inspiring book, and so is the case of two school
friends behind the brand Hempverse. They read the book Hemp and Marijuana Conspiracy – ‘Emperor with no clothes’ by Jack Herror and that ignited their curiosity to understand more about industrial hemp.

Researchers have long emphasised the potential of hemp-based products in changing the way we consume food and creating a sustainable future. Through Hempverse, we intend to unify farming communities and plant-forward cultures that are climate positive. Hemp has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach farming, the way we eat and the way we live. We are reinventing this plant to infuse sustainability into existing systems and bring awareness to energy transitions. We truly believe that Hemp has the power to bring about a gradual and positive shift with agroecology principles.

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The core idea of Hempverse is to open new (and better) lifestyle opportunities for today’s consumers. Hempverse sources the raw materials for their hemp-based products from the Himalayan Valley. They take pride in prioritising the quality of their products. Owing to that, you get access to plant-based proteins and diversely rich nutrient profiles compared to their counterparts in the market.

What Should You Buy From Hempverse?

Within their Hempverse Nourish range, you get three products – Hemp Hearts, Hemp Seed Powder, and Hemp Seed Oil. All their products are suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.

Hemp seeds are the soft inner part of the Hemp Plant Seeds. These tiny cream and green-coloured seeds are known for their nutty flavour. You can sprinkle them into your smoothies, salad bowls, yoghurt, shakes, dressings and various raw unheated deserts or assorted recipes.

Hemp seed

Hemp seed powder has a rich green texture and is made from cold-pressed, ground hemp seeds. For a wholesome protein boost, add to baked goods, pancake butter or mix it with milk/water. It blends well and is perfect for shakes and smoothies.

Hemp powder by Hempverse:

Hemp seed oil, their best seller, is made by cold-pressing mature, undamaged hemp seeds, and has a nutty flavour and dark green texture. It is best consumed raw or can be drizzled on salads and cooked food for extra nutrition. It also goes well with dips and sandwich spreads. It works as a good skin moisturiser for dry skin and helps strengthen hair and protect it against damage.

Hemp seed oil

Why Hemp?

One of the reasons why hemp has a bad (yet changing) reputation in the market is because of its association with marijuana. The difference, however, is that hemp does not leave you in a ‘state of high’. Rather, it is a superfood that is packed with fibre, protein, vital fats, enzymes, amino acids and nutrients. It is low in sugar, starch, and saturated fat content and an excellent alternative for vegans.

Uttarakhand is the first state to legalise hemp. Ever since, we’ve seen a rise in textile and paper & pulp industries utilising hemp fibre and cannabidiol oil (CBD) being utilised in numerous medical procedures in India. The product became more viable when the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India recognised hemp seed and its products as food too. There is research being conducted to utilise hempcrete, a bio-aggregate concrete, in construction. It is believed that due to its excellent insulation properties, Hempcrete can help to maintain a cool environment and save the energy used for cooling.

Jerin Raju, one of the founders of Hempverse, shared, “After graduating as an Instrumentation Engineer from CUSAT, I have been striving towards understanding the legalities surrounding Hemp industries in India. This was achieved through extensive reading and travels conducted across Uttarakhand, Himachal and Madhya Pradesh. As an Engineer in today’s world, I strongly understand the need for sustainability, a quality I can vouch for in Hemp.” Sreejith, who graduated as a Civil Engineer from NIT Calicut and as an Environmental Engineer from IIT Guwahati wanted to create a better world for the future generation. Hempverse was a stepping stone for this.

Together, they aim to be a small and impactful part of the ever-growing economic and environmental recovery of our planet with a plant that can change everything.

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