Pupa Bags: An Initiative To Replace Plastic With Hemp

The overconsumption of plastic products has paved the way to an unpredictable future for the new generation. Overcoming the problem is no mean feat as the majority of these products are unavoidable. So, how do we replace plastic? We slowly change our lifestyle to become more conscious of our purchases. The Kerala-based sustainable startup, Pupa Bags, is amplifying sustainable behaviours through its line of products. Pupa Bags provide bags made from natural hemp, which is a sustainable alternative to plastic. This is how it all started for them.

The Story Behind Pupa bags

The main concept of Pupa Bags is derived from the idea to fight against plastic use. Midhun, The founder of Pupa bags, and his friend Dr Subasish underwent a study to find a plastic alternative. They realised that by using natural hemp, you can easily replace plastic products, and reduce their consumption drastically.

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“In a world where even toys are made of plastic, it is significant to think about a replacement. The thought of how to present a better alternative to plastic and fossil fuel resulted in our research. My friend Dr Subasish and I researched for five to six years and realized that we could make use of natural hemp to produce sustainable products. But, this venture was not feasible for us to begin with. it was difficult for us to source the raw material as hemp was strictly illegal in India. Towards the end of 2019, however, Uttarakhand legalized hemp, and we saw the potential. Today, more states have legalized the cultivation of hemp. Also, a few Indian startups have received the license to grow hemp for product manufacturing,” shares Midhun, the founder of Pupa bags.

Pupa Bags: An Initiative To Replace Plastic With Hemp

In the past, we were ambiguous about our venture. But now favorable decisions were taken by some of the state governments regarding the cultivation of hemp. And this became a favorable atmosphere for us to begin with our venture,” added Midhun.

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Bags Marked The Beginning

“Education is an unavoidable factor in our life, and bags are inevitable in a student’s life. A pre-covid record of the Government revealed that around 30 lakhs of plastic bags are sold to students in an academic year. And around 75 per cent of them are being replaced every year. This meant that around 25 lakhs of plastic bags are thrown away to our water bodies or landfills within a year. This particular report was quite shocking for us. So we decided to start our venture with bags and it resulted in Pupa Bags,” said Midhun about the beginning of their venture with bags. 

The Bicycle Model

The founders of Pupa Bags proudly talks about the bicycle model they strictly follow. This model aims at recycling and reusing the products shipped out of their warehouses. They offer two schemes to the customers who wish to upgrade or buy a new model. Both the scheme provides options for a particular percentage of cashback during a return and a discount for a new purchase.

Today, Pupa Bags has four more members along with Midhun and Dr Subasish. Haritha, Amal, Deeptwesh, and Anil are the other members behind Pupa Bags. “Our aim is not to be a conglomerate and create a huge profit. Our major aim is to stand against plastic by presenting alternatives for it. Hemp bioplastic can replace every plastic material that we use today. Pupa Bags is just the beginning. We have a lot of products lined up. In the next five years, we will be introducing our products one by one,” quoted Midhun.

If you wish to check out the amazing sustainable products from Pupa Bags, you can reach out to them at @pupa_bags.

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