Gokul Raj: Decoding The Malayali Life Of This Content Creator

Our current Instagram obsession: Binging all the laughable content by Gokul Raj!

You might agree that Gokul has a knack for tickling every Malayali’s funny bones. It all boils down to him being a great observer. Gokul’s Instagram reels are inspired by his own life, where he keeps notes of regular events that take place around him. It doesn’t stop there, however. Being the eccentric person he is, Gokul adds the right kick of humour. That, my friend, is why we all adore the guy with the craziest expressions on Instagram right now.

Would you believe that we got a chance to sit down and chat with this internet sensation? Gokul Raj is clearly funny. We all know that by now. But, who is the real person behind all that act? Let’s get to know him better because we’re spilling all the beans.

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Gokul Raj

The content creator from Trivandrum takes pride in his B.Tech degree, but let’s just say that he didn’t really want to pursue a career down that path. Relatable much? He knew he loved to entertain people than sit in front of a computer screen in a 9-5. He shared, “The stage has always been my second home (because that’s where all eyes are). I’m very social so if you see me somewhere (madichu nilkathe kadannu varu), drop in to say Hi.” 

It was during his Engineering days that he realised that being an RJ was his ‘true calling’. Even though he got selected in an RJ Hunt, he couldn’t grab the opportunity because it was hard to convince his family and he needed a degree. Gokul commented, “Although I couldn’t become an RJ then, I understood RJ is what I wanted to be. Then came the infinite number of auditions with different radios. It would be right to say that my supplies and auditions were going hand in hand. Finally, after almost 3 years of auditions, I got selected as a Radio Jockey at Mathrubhumi Club FM.”

There was no looking back. Gokul pursued his RJ career for four years, but the adventurous soul within him wanted to do more. As a child, he always looked up to the people who were anchoring different kinds of shows on television. He said, “I thought that it’s impossible to get there. But then no, I pursued my dream and made it to television. Now I’m a VJ at Surya Music hosting the evening song request show – ‘shtam pole pattu’.” 

From RJ to VJ, Gokul Raj’s creative journey didn’t stop there. Instagram Reels got his attention. He thought it was a brilliant way to showcase his talent even though he didn’t believe his content would blow up. His Instagram account was initially meant to showcase his work as an RJ and VJ and attain the ‘K’ status he’s always wanted. Picture posts, funny dubbing content, and stories weren’t working for him. Until the ‘Reels’ feature made a grand entry to the ‘gram.

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Gokul enthusiastically shared, “I used to browse through Reels every day and made a few photo content reels which also didn’t work. Then one day, I just casually posted a reel on the very common scenario – “Eating urumb accidentally” – that Malayalis often face. I did not expect the Reels to gather any views but after a few days, it started getting a lot of views and comments. Strangers started telling me how relatable the content is and that’s when I thought – “Why don’t I make more reels like these?”. The main motivation that made me create more content like these is when people tell me “Cheta, Reels katta relatable aanu”, “Pwoli content aan” etc. and honestly, I want to hear more of those.” Thus began his Instagram content creator journey.

Every time Gokul gets an idea, he shared it with his family and friends, understood their reaction, and gathered their inputs. There have been times where they have disliked his content, but he puts it in any way because ‘why not?’.

We all have our Gokul Raj Reels favourites either saved or shared with a friend. But, we wanted to know which Reels was the apple of his eye. Chuckling at the question, he shared, “I guess it’s really hard to pick one from the lot because I enjoy and love every content I create. But I do have a favourite one, it’s the “temple scenes” Reels. This idea occurred to me months ago, but when it came to shooting it, something was lacking. I was not able to figure out what. I gave it a lot of thought like really, days and days of thought. Then, one fine day, I shot the Reels and it worked out. “Sorry eshwara” and the bhajana transforming into the Bhool Bhulaiya song was the highlight of the Reels. I was super glad when I knew that everybody could relate to it and that they enjoyed those two instances a lot. Also, it’s the fastest 1 million Reels I have achieved, just like an icing on the cake.”

Gokul has one aim – Be as creative as possible, whether he is an RJ, VJ or an Instagram influencer! If there’s one lesson you can learn from him to be a hit on Instagram, it’s that consistency is key. He shared, “Instagram is very rewarding. You create content, post them regularly, there will be growth. Post content regularly, some might work out, some may not. Another best part is that when people DM, comment and share your posts, you will be motivated to do more. Also, never let a negative comment stop you. There’s always going to be that one person. Don’t care. Just keep doing you.”

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